Monday, August 31, 2009

Cujo-Killahertz Ep(2003)

Oh, The Dirty Drum N Bass How I Love Thee...

Personal Experience:
I've seen Amon Tobin Play live twice and both times I almost went into seizures. I'm not exaggerating, He fucked my head up. There was a point in his set where he played the craziest amens ive ever heard for what seemed to be an eternity. I really almost went over the edge, that guy stretched my head out so far I shouldn't remember it, but I do because it was so traumatizing. It Hurt and I loved It. It was exhausting, agitating and wonderful all at the same time. That guy is a freak behind the decks. So here is a DnB Ep from 2003 that will most likely twist and turn in your head as it did mine...

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  1. thats true amon tobin is amazing in live !! (not just in live) and really impressive
    (en passant) thanks a lot for your blog there is so many great albums on here