Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dj Chaps One-Married To Vinyl(2003)

Making his way in the early SD/LA Hip Hop and Rave Scence in the late Nineties and early Thousands, by bangin dancefloors with the ruffest West Coast Underground Hip Hop and electronic beats he could get his hands on. This Sun Dialect soldier works directly alongside the Sun Dialect General Dj Pain and is the second member of the Dj duo Hermanos Del Pulpo. Some where in between playing shows and getting stupid in 2002-2003, Chaps made "MarriedTo Vinyl". A straight forward hip hop mix filled with classic underground bangerz and some stellar programming. Simple, live And clean.

Arangged, Mixed and Recorded By Dj Chaps One
Mastered By Dj FSTZ
Cover Art By Joshua Veteto
Sun Dialect Recordings 2003

2.People Under The Stairs-The Digs
3.Various Blends-Even More Even
4.Emanon-Blind Love
5.Blackalicious-Blazing Arrow
6.Non-Prophets-Whore Mongore
7.Awol One & Daddy Kev-Lick Me Im Famous
8.Busdriver-Buy One Style, Get One Style Free
9.Dose One & Boom Bip- Goddamn Telephone
10.Blame One & Exile-Pair-A-Graffs
11.Dj Hive-Birdman
12.Shape Shifters-Planet Rock 2020
13.Fat Jack-Head Like A Brick
16.Mission Ft. Celcius Igro-Throw Your Hands Up
17.LA Symphony-Broken Tape Decks
18.Lyrics Born-Hello

(MF) Chaps One-Married To Vinyl.mp3

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