Saturday, October 31, 2009

Misfits-Legacy Of Brutality(1985)

Legacy of Brutality is a compilation album of early songs by the New Jersey punk rock band Misfits. The album contains overdubbed mixes of previously unreleased tracks, mainly from the January-February 1978 Static Age sessions. Besides the Box Set, this is the only album to contain the songs "American Nightmare" and "Who Killed Marilyn?" and its also got "Halloween".

01. Static Age
02. TV Casualty
03. Hybrid Moments
04. Spinal Remains
05. Come Back
06. Some Kind A Hate
07. Theme For a Jackal
08. Angelfuck
09. Who Killed Marilyn
10. Where Eagles Dare
11. Halloween
12. American Nightmare

Samhain-All Murder, All Guts, All Fun(1984)

Biz's Beat Of The Day(Halloween)

Grayskul-How To Load A Tech-Bloody Radio

Necro-Gory Days(2001)

Happy Halloween My Ghouls and Goblins. What would Halloween be without a little Necro.

01. Bury You with Satan
02. World Gone Mad
03. Light My Fire
04. Circle of Tyrants (featuring Mr. Hyde, Goretex, Ill Bill and Captain Carnage)
05. Dead Body Disposal
06. You're All Dying
07. All Hotties Eat the Jizz
08. Scalpel
09. 12 King Pimp Commandments
10. Gory Days
11. Poetry in the Streets (featuring Ill Bill)
12. Don't Try To Ruin It (featuring The Kid Joe)
13. One Way or Another
14. Morbid
15. 24 Shots (Special Edition bonus track)
16. Violins of Violence (featuring Mr. Hyde, Special Edition bonus track)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Bamboos-Step It Up(2006)

Since The Bamboos are getting mad love at FDH, I thought I would give you guys some more funk. Yeah Buddy.

The Bamboos were formed in 2000 in Melbourne Australia by NZ-born guitarist Lance Ferguson. The initial line-up consisted of Ferguson, Ben Grayson on Hammond Organ, Stuart Speed on Bass and Scott Lambie on Drums. Making their home at Tru Thoughts records (home to Quantic and Alice Russell) in 2005, The Bamboos debut album "Step it Up" was released jointly by Tru Thoughts and US-based Ubiquity Records. Its a winner.

01. Step It Up feat.Alice Russell
02. Tighten Up (Album Version)
03. In The Bamboo Grove
04. Golden Rough
05. Black Foot
06. Transcend Me feat.Alice Russell
07. Tobago Strut
08. Another Day In The Life Of Mr. Jones
09. Crooked Cop
10. Eel Oil
11. Voodoo Doll (Album Version

3 Melancholy Gypsys-Grand Caravan To The Rim Of The World(2005)

The Third installment from the underground super crew consisting of Eligh, Murs And Scarub. Living Legends Bwoy, WHAT!
1. Intro
2. Halo
3. Young Man
4. The Plannit
5. Signs
6. Nautilus
7. Interlude
8. And If
9. Color Blue
10. Chant
11. 3 Rings
12. Countdown
13. Interlude
14. Beautiful Mind
15. 3 Men Marching
16. Armegeddon
17. Landing
18. Child 2 Man

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Returners-Break Up Your Make Up(2009)

The Californian group, The Returners, releases an album entitled 'Break Up Your Make Up' which pays tribute to a horror film called 'Cemetary Man'. In this movie, the returners come back to life as zombie in order to find the love of their life. On this album, The Returners do the same thing and tell us stories about lost love or desire, in a very indie-rap sound.

1. Welcome to Buffalora
2. From the Desk of LA2thebay
3. De la Muerte del Amor
4. First Kill
5. She Just Thinks
6. Return of the Walking Dead (feat Busdriver)
7. Inter(course)lude
8. Powerless
9. Beautiful Mourner
10. Paradise
11. I Promise (feat P.O.S.)
12. Go to Hell (feat Awol One, Akuma and Life Rexall of the Shapeshifters)
13. Behind the Door (feat Onry Ozzborn, Candidt, iame, Gold, Life Rexall and J.F.K.)

Die Young And Deeskee-Ravish(2005)

“Ravish”, as a concept album, is the perfect platform for Die Young (The Shapeshifters) to spit his unique style of rock ready gruff emcee vocals mixed with his vampire hunter persona in search of the living dead. This album was produced and written while watching a number of horror movie scenes from films that had no soundtrack to support the macabre action taking place during pivotal points of said films, “I studied the hell out of the placement and execution of incidental music and soundtrack music in films to figure out how the feel of each scene was dictated musically and I ran with that formula". Ravish becomes a realized concept alum in that each song is meant to play along with the movie scenes they were written for, as opposed to music being written as part of a soundtrack. The album also features strong appearances by Los Angeles heavyweights: 2mex, Busdriver, Akuma, Life-rexall, Existereo, AWOL One, and Xololanxinxo.

1. Intro (1:28)
2. Dazed (3:28)
3. White Oleander (2:54)
4. Dissapear (3:00) Featuring - 2Mex , Busdriver
5. Ravish (2:57)
6. Chainletter (3:40) Featuring - Akuma , LifeRexall
7. Run Into The Sun (2:31)
8. Ghostwriters (4:09) Featuring - Awol One , Existereo
9. Vampire Hunter (2:04)
10. Haemoglobin (3:47)
11. Carnival (2:33) Featuring - Xololanxinxo
12. All Of Me (Remix) (2:52)13. Outro (0:53)

Neila-Vertical Trees With Eternal Leaves(2003)

Emmerging from the talented life-spring of Los Angeles hip-hop artists is the Hawaii born lyricist Neila (Pronounced: Nay-La). In the midst of a culture clearly dominated by patriarchal poetry stands a female who is confident with her intensely personal lyrical content and straight up storytelling abilities. Her first full length album, "Vertical Trees with Eternal Leaves"(2003) is a testament to Neila's ability to run with the best of them as all sixteen tracks meld into one anticipatory breath that will definitely stand as a solid starting point for a career that is sure to become extremely prolific.

01-vertical trees with eternal leaves
02-rough tides
03-still waters
04-clock murderer
06-midnight shadows
07-love obscure
08-unintentional violence
09-ba-run main
10-evil complex
12-abused fiddle
14-gradual suicide
15-boarded windows
16-the dream

Friday, October 9, 2009

Big Bud-Infinity+Infinity(1999)

Come down Now.
1.Darker Than Blue
2.Indian Summer
3.Pure Re-Mix
5.High Times
7.A Way Of Life
8.Ellen's Song7:22
9.Stone Groove-9:04

High Contrast-True Colors(2002)

Well then, Mr. Lincoln Barrett born in Pernath, Cardiff . Fun fact... The first time I met and saw his set...was in Cardiff,CA around 2002. What a Coincidence. What a great guy and Dj. The kid is sick with the gift. One of my favorite full length Drum N Bass Albums of all time. Lincoln seems to capture a cinematic and progressive feel to his sped up masterpieces, that will keep you encapsulated in a toe tappin' moondance. You cant help but to see, feel and hear the music of the funky future. Cause It Rocks My Body and It Moves My Soul!

"Return of Forever" – 8:19
"Music Is Everything" – 7:29
"True Colors" – 6:08
"Global Love" – 6:11
"Expos̩" Р6:20
"Passion" – 5:48
"Make It Tonight" – 6:25
"Remember When" – 7:17
"Savoir Faire" – 6:10
"Fools Gold" – 6:46
"Mermaid Scar" – 7:23.

Adam F-Colours(1997)

As you can probably tell by my posts here at Filthy Drum Habits, I enjoy many niche's in alot of music genres. Today I was bumping this. So I thought I would share and do a couple of post's for the DNB-Dance Heads out there. Here's some Jazzy Techstep goodness for your ear holes.


"Intro" – 1:03
"73" - 1:28
"Metropolis" - 6:31
"Music In My Mind (Album Version)" - 5:18
"Jaxx" - 5:08
"Mother Earth" - 5:03
"The Tree Knows Everything (Clean Edit)" - 4:27
"Circles (Album Edit)" - 7:14
"Dirty Harry (Adapted Album Version)" - 6:49
"F-Jam (Album Edit)" - 5:52
"Colours" - 5:37
"Aromatherapy (Edit)" - 7:03

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Silver Apples-Contact(1969)

This is a great psych album from the sixties that will mess your head up. The Silver Apples are a psychedelic electronic music duo from New York City composed of Simeon Coxe III, who performs as Simeon, on a primitive synthesizer of his own devising (also named The Simeon), and drummer Danny Taylor. The group was active between 1967 and 1969, before reforming in the mid 1990s. These dudes were way ahead of there time and layed the ground work for countless electro rock groups.

Contact is the second album by Silver Apples. The cover and inner artwork generated a lawsuit from Pan Am Airlines. The cover features the Silver Apples in a plane cockpit with drug paraphernalia and the inner artwork showed the band amongst a plane wreckage playing banjos. The lawsuits from Pan Am proved to be the demise of the band and the label KAPP Records, who could not endure the fatal series of lawsuits.

1."You and I"3:24
2."Water" 4:18
3."Ruby" 2:32
4."Gypsy Love"5:36
5."You're Not Foolin' Me"6:26
6."I Have Known Love"3:53
7."A Pox on You"5:11

Flevans-Make New Friends(2004)

Flevans, the one man band coming out of Brighton, is a broad based multi instrumentalist. Having been classically trained in piano and double bass to grade seven, he went on to pick up the guitar, drums, and occasionally dabble in the mandolin. He managed to get signed to Tru Thoughts while bumming around in a college bong haze on the strength of a few tracks he made loading jazz and funk samples into a ten second sampler that was built into a mixer and laying them down, loop by loop, onto a cassette 4-track. To get signed to Quantic and Bonobo's label without a computer or working instruments, that is picture in the dictionary impressive.

1. Begin Again
2. Hey Mr Bundle
3. Me And My Moody
4. Get Caribou
5. Small Room Syndrome
6. Lay It Down
7. Dinner With Boskins
8. Out To Lunch
9. Definitive Sweep
10. Dumb Ballad


What do you get when you take one of my favorite producers and throw in a handful of my favorite Mc's?.....Monolith that's what dummy.

2.Robert L. Ripley -(featuring Hymnal)
4.Live From Tokyo -(featuring Luckyiam.PSC/Slug/Aceyalone/Murs/DJ Drez)
5.Sound of the Sitar
6.Double Header -(featuring Buck 65)
8.Myth Behind the Man -(featuring Abstract Rude/2Mex)
9.Speakers Hot
10.I'm Just a Bill -(featuring Spoon)
11.Ripple Study
12.Shock and Awe -(featuring Busdriver)
13.Always Being Born
14.Club Apotheosis -(featuring Hymnal

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Dj Shadow-Best Of Mo Wax 12's(The Dj Shadow Collection)(2007)

01. karmacoma - massive attack (u.n.k.l.e situation) 05:33
02. high noon 03:59
03. painkiller - depeche mode (kill the pain mix) 03:48
04. devils advocate (heaven and hell) 04:18
05. swan lake - blackalicious 05:41
06. last stop - groove robbers feat. dj shadow 02:31
07. dark days 04:30
08. natural one - folk implosion (dj shadow remix) 04:48
09. stem (lp version) 03:26
10. influx (12' version) 06:01
11. back 2 back breaks 01:27
12. what does your soul look like (version 4) 04:55
13. send them - dj shadow feat. asia born (bonus cd track) 04:01
14. midnite in a perfect world feat gift of gab (radio version) (bonus cd track) 04:59
15. divine intervention feat divine styler and dj shadow (bonus cd track) 03:56
16. lost and found (bonus cd track) 05:18
17. march of death feat. zack de la rocha (bonus cd track) 04:02

Friday, October 2, 2009

The Flashguns-Matching Hearts,Similar Parts EP(2009)

Another bunch of talented young chaps out of th UK. Sick with it. Give em' a hand.

1.I Dont Not Love You
2.Bells At Midnight
3.St. George
4.Racing Race

Bombay Bicycle Club-I Had The Blues But I Shook Them Loose(2009)

I Had the Blues But I Shook Them Loose is the debut album by London alternative rock band, Bombay Bicycle Club. The band announced the title through MySpace and their official website on 31 March 2009. The title comes from a line in the song "After Hours" by A Tribe Called Quest, from their 1990 album People's Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm.

This is a record I bought on Tuesday and been bumping it all week long. These kids are so fricken talented, keep an eye out or two son. Tough and beatiful songs. Thanks Pace.

All songs written and composed by Bombay Bicycle Club.

1."Emergency Contraception Blues" 1:27
2."Lamplight" 3:45
3."Evening/Morning" 2:55
4."Dust On The Ground" 4:24
5."Ghost" 3:57
6."Always Like This" 4:06
7."Magnet" 4:51
8."Cancel On Me" 5:29
9."Autumn" 3:35
10."The Hill" 3:57
11."What If" 4:10
12."The Giantess" 5:17

Porter-The Social Misanthrope(2005)

Can't Find Any info for you guys on this one. 3 tracks. and this is not the art for this record. All I know is dude is from Sweden, he works with Exist and was on Tropiczone Comp-24/7 records and he is sick with the beats. Low Radar Hip Hop Beats Enjoy.