Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hermanos Del Pulpo(Dj Pain & Dj Chaps One)-HDP Mix

Dj Pain:
Chaps and I started a crew back in early 2000 and released some Mixes and were playing 2×4 gig’s across Southern California at that time for many west coast hip hop shows. Opening for underground heavy hitters such as the Shape Shifters, Visionaries, Sage Francis, 2Mex and Busdriver, just to name a few. Our first Mix was in 2003 titled "The Invasion Of The Hermanos Del Pulpo". Since then with families getting larger and life itself moving around, things got busy for both of us. We sat down late last year and decided it’s time we team up again on some Live projects and some Mixes. I was very pleased with this, we always had this chemistry in our Mixes and Live Shows that you just cant get from one person alone on a single set of deck’s, especially @ live shows. Our Crew name is a bit of a story in itself, we are called “Hermanos Del Pulpo” or in english “Brothers Of The Octopus”. Being such an elusive and tactical creature this name seemed fitting to our personalities and our djing style. The concept of the crew and our projects are basically a mixture of heavy music with sci fi moods and dialogue. We carry this as a theme in alot of our projects. Hence, probably you’ll hark back to some of the sci fi themed stuff I do in my own solo projects and why The Day The Earth… Mix had the quirky monster octopus intro…

Well I hope you enjoy the self titled “HDP” Mix. I feel like this Mix has a little something for everyone and there will be alot more projects coming out from the “Hermanos Del Pulpo” as well as my own solo projects… As “Hermanos Del Pulpo” DJ Chaps One and I have already started on two other Mix’s so tuned to for the latest updates with myself and HDP.

Mr. Trick:
This mix is wall-to-wall killer, with the kind of excellent narrative themes and sick beats we’ve come to know and love from this skilled Californian. There are also tasty exclusives by way of some new Elektro4 beats and a brand new track from DJ Exile. So, get your download on and enjoy HDP – god knows we are and we’ve had it for some 4 weeks now!

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