Saturday, November 28, 2009


Fire spittin Grayskul and Beat Monger Maker team up on this heater as Graymaker. Niceness.

1. Mars Voltage
2. Crazy Talk
3. We Android
4. Bread & The Wine
5. Revenge Of The Alleybastards (feat. Awol One)
6. Duece Duece
7. Let’s Go Head & Go Do That
8. In The Know
9. Machine (feat. Qwazaar)
10. Bloodwork
11. Drapes (feat. Zavala (of Dark Time Sunshine)

Gandalfs Beat Machine-Level 3(2009)

Gandalf's Beat Machine: Level 3 is here! This instrumental project rounds out the trinity of the Gandalf's Beat Machine series. Clocking in at about an hour's length for 24 tracks, the album is filled with a sonically diverse landscape sprinkled with live guitar by frequent collaborator, Robert Miranda. The album is available through digital outlets and there will be CD's in January.

1. Dawn
2. To Be Alive
3. Green Miles
4. Strange L.A Girl
5. Hacker
6. The Legend
7. My Love Won't Stop
8. Desert Mines
9. Don't Leave Me
10. Kimmy's Doll House
11. Starscream
12. Pictures in Paint
13. Desicated
14. Breath
15. Missing the feeling
16. Throwback
17. All Breezy
18. The Yard
19. Clockwork
20. Ralley Up
21. Sunset Prowler
22. A Gypsy Theme
23. Looking Glass Tale
24. Dream of Me

Double Dee & Steinski Live In NYC(2008)

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Blockhead-The Music Scene(2009)

New York hip hop producer Tony Simon aka Blockhead returns with his third and best instrumental album for Ninja Tune. Blockhead has long made beautiful, emotive music based around the hip hop template, but on The Music Scene he elevates his craft to another level. Tony puts it down to the use of Ableton, which means that rather than working from "one basic beat and building off it" (the standard hip hop model), he has begun stringing together multiple beats and weaving them together into increasingly complex, surprising and satisfying pieces of music. As he himself puts it, "I made each song a little more of a musical journey than anything I have ever done before."

Surfer Blood-Astro Coast(2010)

Went and saw these young lads open up for the Japandroids last night and they killed it, great set. This is there debut album from this Palm Beach indie pop band. Recorded in their University of Florida dorm room.

01 Floating Vibes
02 Swim
03 Take It Easy
04 Harmonix
05 Neighbor Riffs
06 Twin Peaks
07 Fast Jabroni
08 Slow Jabroni
09 Anchorage
10 Catholic Pegasus

Friday, November 20, 2009

Money Mark-Brand New By Tommorow(2007)

Money Mark is the alias of Mark Ramos-Nishita, a keyboardist whose funky, retro-flavored riffs earned him the unofficial title of the fourth Beastie Boy. Born in Detroit to a Japanese-Hawaiian father and a Chicano mother, Nishita moved to the West Coast when he was six; some years later, he hooked up with the Dust Brothers production team and began overdubbing keyboards for the Delicious Vinyl label. While working as a handyman, Nishita accepted a job repairing the Beastie Boys' Silverlake, CA, home; soon, he became a pivotal member of the group's Grand Royal posse and performed on both 1992's Check Your Head and 1994's Ill Communication. Fast forward to 2007, when a shared association with none other than Jack Johnson -- via Beasties producer Mario Caldato, Jr. -- led the way to a contract with Johnson's Brushfire label and a new Money Mark pop album, Brand New by Tomorrow.

This is my favorite Folk-Pop album that's come out in the last couple of years. Over & Over & Over again, my lady loves it, my son loves it and I really love this album. It will grow on you. Big up all my Mexanese folk(or Japxicans). I love you JACER your my number one mutt!

01. Color Of Your Blues
02. Pick Up The Pieces
03. Summer Blue
04. Pretend To Sleep
05. My Loss, Your Gain
06. Everyday I Die A Little
07. Radiate Nothing
08. Black Butterfly
09. Nice To Me
10. Eyes That Ring
11. Brand New By Tomorrow

Lord Newborn And The Magic Skulls-Lord Newborn And The Magic Skulls(2009)

Money Mark, Shawn Lee And Tommy Guerrero...

Banksy-Banging Your Head Against A Brick Wall(eBook)

9 times out of 10 you won't catch me with a book in my hand. However, if you did it would probably be something along these lines. Gawking at Graf and reading the oh so kooky and insightful paragraphs every couple of pages. However, this one was a nice and short, fun read (and I didnt just look at all the pictures). Some fun writing, some how to's and street stories from BANKSY himself.
Take a Gander.

Four Tet- Late Night Tales(2005)

Combining jazz, folk, psychedelia, experimental and hardcore Hip Hop, this collection reaches far into Four Tet’s expansive musical map – featuring gems from Joe Henderson, Smoke, Manitoba, Madvillain, and an exclusive Four Tet cover of Jimi Hendrix’ "Castles Made of Sand" and much, much more. usually list the tracks but your gonna have to listen and DIY this one, Just cuz.

Four Tet-Pause(2001)

Spawned from the urge to do something apart from his post-rock band Fridge, Kieran Hebden's Four Tet project balances organic and programmed sounds. Hebden formed Fridge with Sam Jeffers and Adam Ilhan while still in high school. When Fridge went on temporary hiatus for Jeffers and Ilhan to attend college, Hebden spent time playing with ideas gained from hip-hop and electronica that he hadn't had time for while concentrating on the band. Eager to experiment, Hebden bought a computer and began collecting drum and sound samples. Though his tracks sounded contrary, Hebden produced them all in his flat using only his computer to loop, slice, and paste downloaded samples and rhythms. This is a one of the results. Enjoy!

01. Glue Of The World
02. Twenty Three
03. Harmony One
04. Parks
05. Leila Came Round And We Watched A Video
06. Untangle
07. Everything Is Alright
08. No More Mosquitoes
09. Tangle
10. You Could Ruin My Day
11. Hilarious Movie Of The 90's

David Axelrod-Songs Of Innocence(1968)


Buck 65-Talkin' Honky Blues

I love this dude, The Triple Threat(and The Centaur). Red Right, White Left! Self made Beats, Lyrics and Cuts! The man is a total package and he can ballroom dance too, I've seen the Feist vid. I love the craftsmanship of this man, something like an old american muscle car, not the flashiest thing on the road but willing and able to leave your ass in the dust. This canadian artist puts a new spin on Hip Hop & Folk music as we know it. Take a vivid trip into the mind of Buck 65.

"Leftfielder" – 2:32
"Wicked and Weird" – 3:43
"Riverbed 1" – 1:48
"Sore" – 4:20
"Protest" – 2:51
"Riverbed 2" – 2:51
"Exes" – 2:51
"Roses and Bluejays" – 3:16
"Riverbed 3" – 4:04
"50 Gallon Drum" – 4:35
"Riverbed 4" – 4:27
"463" – 4:27
"Riverbed 5" – 1:24
"Killed by a Horse" – 3:32
"Riverbed 6" – 0:45
"Tired Out" – 3:30
"Craftsmanship" – 4:07
"Riverbed 7" – 2:16

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Blame One-"Mr. Science" & "Danger"

So...The underground community at large is proud to announce a short lived retirement of supa emcee Blame One. Although you may not be seeing him perform live at your local spots(for awhile), at least he is still blessing us with gems like these. From his upcoming mixtape "Leaks and Gems" here are two nice tracks by Mr. North County. He's still holdin it down. I must also add there is talk of him doing a album with the one and only Dj Babu from The Beat Junkies and Dialated Peoples in 2010. Cant wait, keep you posted. Yeah Buddies!

1. Mr. Science Prod. By 8 Attack
2. Danger Prod. By Soopa Koopa 805