Monday, August 31, 2009

Cujo-Curfew Ep(1995)

Born in Brazil, Cujo traveled a lot across Europe during his youth. When he was 17 he began experimenting with his own sounds with a sequencer. Aftre two years he spent in Portugal, he settled in Brighton and made a number of recordings for Ninebar Records as Cujo. Then he signed to Ninja Tune Records under his real name: Amon Tobin. His works built the bases of famous Amon Tobin style: a melt of dark drum'n'bass, jazz and films samples with less sophistication.

So this is Cujo/Amon Tobin's first release in 1995. A friend had been telling me about "Cujo" stuff for years before I got a hold of it. Wow. This is his more... Nu-Jazz, Downtempo stylee cuts and there fresh. Yeah buddy.


  1. any chance of a re-up? Just found this on wax and would love some mp3's to go with it...