Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Josh Martinez-Made In China(2000)

This is Josh Martinez's second album. I got this in 2001 from Josh himself when he came to Dago on tour with Anticon. Long story short, this was a special time in my life and I was bumpin this cd constantly. Brings back memories and made me a forever Josh Martinez fan... What will it take to make me normal?

Track Listing
1. La Rambla
2. (sic) Muse
3. Outlook
4. The Cluuuuub
5. Big Mouths (feat. Kunga 219 )
6. Weed Weed
7. Magic Bullet
8. Chickenshit
9. Marxschism
10. Chord Changes
11. I've Got Devils
12. Letter to July
13. Breakdown
14. Deny

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