Friday, August 21, 2009

The Joe Beats Experiment-Indie Rock Blues(2006)

Me being a fan of anything Joe Beats and having a new found love for Indie Rock, this record is brilliant. Basically a remix album of great Indie songs, well not really. Great songs indeed but Joey Beats really makes these songs his own and freaks em, Hard. A great quality of this project is that it plays out as a mixtape and seems to run seamlessly from track to track for a nice smooth listen. The song selection and drum programing is superb and makes for straight bangerz. Don't sleep...

1. M. Ward – Sad, Sad Song
2. The Black Heart Procession – When We Reach The Hill
3. 90 Day Men/Cursive – Exploration vs. Solution, Baby/Dedication
4. Belle, Sebastian & Signify – Space Boy Dream
5. Ugly Cassanova – Ice On The Sheets
6. Pinback/Kid Dakota – XIY/Winterkill
7. Neutral Milk Hotel – Naomi
8. June Of 44 – Doomsday
9. The Minutemen/Neil Hamburger – It’s Expected I’m Gone/Open Ended Interview
10. Andrew Bird – I
11. Deerhoof – Panda, Panda, Panda
12. Make Up/Scout Niblet – Save Yourself/It’s All For You
13. Songs: Ohia – Coxcomb Red

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