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Sojourn is one of those people you will meet and never forget, an all around nice guy. He has such a strong presence on and off the microphone. A humble man who preaches truth, wit and wisdom in his rhymes. A soldier of the word, and a great musician. Featuring production buy Oh No, PNS of The Molemen, Dert and some guest vocals by Blame One, Future Shock, Braille and Theory Hazit. This album is a brilliant album for his first full length solo release. One of my personal favorites out of SD.... Go Buy Soujournalism.
Access Records

The Saturday Knights-Count It Off(2008)

My almost 2 year old 's favorite music video right now. He says "Again, Again, Again" when it ends! Am I scared of the message....Na, five finger discount, four finger ring a knuckle dusta, when I buckle bustas 3.2.1...Payout! Oh yeah, we want flare tips.

Barfly-I've Been Worse(2003)

My favorite swollen livered dirt bag rapper out of the North West...Seattle...Some sort of bar hoppin drug addict poet which only sets his beer on his belly and whiffs and hits with the best of em'. Can't help but to hear my old theme music. Thanks Barfly you make my day, I've been worse.

01 – B-Boy Extravagan
02 – Explaining Myself
03 – Gloomy Gus
04 – Fight Music f/ Onry Ozzborn & NyQwil
05 – The Orange Seats
06 – Springtime In Seattle
07 – Rappers & Peelers
08 – Entry Level Pimping
09 – Our Town f/ Snafu
10 – Beauty Mark
11 – Where Are They Now
12 – It’s A Beautiful Day
13 – Where Dreams Go To Die

Restiform Bodies-Sun Hop Flat(2001)

Super sickee Electro-Psych Hip Hop Album With Passage on the raps and Telephone Jim Jesus and Bomarr The Monk on the beats and knobs. You wont be dissappointed if you Go cop the rest of the Restiform stuff as well as the solo joints from these exquisite producers and rapper. Always fresh music from these Psychedelic New Hampshire natives.

1One (1:29)
2Happy (1:24)
3Gate (3:57)
4Busy (Nobody's Perfect) (4:47)
5Cage (5:36)
6Kitten (1:41)
7Squirrel (1:37)
8Summer (4:05)
9Juicy (2:50)
10Bees (3:08)
11Giant (1:55)
12City (1:39)
13Squiggle (2:19)
14Scooter (3:21)
15Sraw Man Skate (2:23)
16Shrimp Sleep (4:23)
17Spellllig (7:45)
18Bye Bye (5:23)

The Psychonauts-Essential Mix(12-15-1996)

This is a almost 2 hour mix on BBC radio from the Psychonauts:

A three man crew on four turntables. I'm glad I didn't hear this mix til a couple of years ago, otherwise I probably would have just given up Djing All together in 96', knowing these guys were out there doing their thing. Simply Amazing.

Trans AM – “Firepoker” (City Slang)
11.59 – “TG” (Ticking Time)
Cheif XL – “Last Stop” (Mo’ Wax)
Marxman – “Sad Affair” (Talkin’ Loud)
Peanut Butter Wolf – “Lunar Props” (2 Kool)
Abyss – “Shadow” (Sec)
Nine – “Promo” (white label)
Beastie Boys – “Bohisattua Vow [instrumental]” (Mo’ Wax)
Major Force – “Last Orgy” (Major Force)
Stereo MCs – “What Is Soul [instrumental]” (4th & Broadway)
DJ Shadow – “Mutual Slump” (Mo] Wax)
Ultramagnetic MCs – “Chorus Line [instrumental]” (Next Plat)
Needle Thrashers – “Ill, You + Me = Naughty” (promo)
Wild Bunch – “The Look Of Love” (4th & Broadway)
Major Force – “Zenguin In Action” (Major Force)
DJ Krush – “KRB” (Mo’ Wax)
Indho – “Love Will Be On Your Side [Photek Mix]” (Mercury Music)
Rebel Crew – “Serpent” (promo)
DJ Krush – “Only The Strong Will Survive [Attica Blues Mix]” (Mo’ Wax)
The Root – “Clones” (Geffen)
Stereo MCs – “Devils Claw” (4th & Broadway)
Pressure Drop – “Back 2 Back” (C & P Big World)
Beatnuts – “Are You Ready [instrumental]” (bootleg)
Fed – “Cut Ridge” (Randall)
Major Force – “untitled” (Major Force)
Sven Can Hees – “Freak Ysthan” (Royal)
Love Corporation – “Cathedralls Of Glitter” (P & C Creation)
Nuphonic – “untitled” (white label)
Coldcut – “Beats & Pieces” (Big Life)
Howie B – “Undercover” (Polydor)
Massive Attack – “Sly (String Section)” (4th & Broadway)
DJ Cam – “promo” (Sony)
Automator – “Sleep” (Unbiquity Music)
Lewis Parker – “Rise” (Bite It)
Co-Flow – “promo” (white label)
DJ Shadow – “DJ Shadow Theme (solesides)” (Mo’ Wax)
DJ Shadow – “Midnight” (Mo’ Wax)
DJ Shadow – “Hardcore Inst. Hip Hop” (Mo’ Wax)
DR Octagon – “Bear Witness” (Mo’ Wax)
DJ Krush – “Meiso” (Mo’ Wax)
DJ Shadow – “Lost + Found” (Mo’ Wax)
Blackalicious – “Swan Lake Instrumental” (Mo’ Wax)
DJ Krush – “Duality” (Mo’ Wax)
Real Deal – “Headless Horseman” (Botchit & Scraper)
Massive Attack – “Daydreaming Inst.” (4th & Broadway)
Smith & Mighty & Kelus & Lynx – “Clash Of The Beasts” (3111)
Juc Force – “Strong Island” (Boy Boy)
Gangstarr – “untitled” (Chrysalis)
Jazz Grooves – “Huh” (B Balls)
EPMD – “So Whatcha Sayin” (Sleepin Bag)
Major Force – “Guess What” (Major Force)
Wost Wanted – “Calm Down” (Sutra)
Lamb – “Gorecki” (Fontana)
The Amalgamation – “Eric” (Filter)
Renegade Soundwave – “Phantom” (Mute)
Nicolette – “Waking Up” (Shup Up & Dance)
Local Zero – “Airbag” (Filter)
DJ Shadow – “The Numbers Song” (Mo’ Wax)
Beastie Boys – “Flute Loop Inst.” (Mo’ Wax)
Bjork – “I Miss You (Dobie Rub Pt 1)” (One Little Indian)
Gutter Snirfs – “Trial Of Life Inst.” (Libaty Grooves)
Unkle – “Berry Meditation” (Mo’ Wax)
Air – “Casanova 70” (Source Lab)
Brand Nubain – “Love Me Or Leave Me Alone” (Elektra)
Automator – “A Better Tommorrow” (Ubiquity)
Dust Brothers – “Save Me” (promo)
Roni Size – “Down” (Talking Loud)
DJ Die – “Stone Love” (promo)
Oasis – “Wonderwall” (Creation)
Major Force – “Return Of The Original Artform” (Major Force)
DJ Mink – “Hey Can You Relate” (WARP)
Stetsasonic – “Hip Hop Band” (Tommy Boy)
Tru Funk – “Early Beat” (3 Stripe Music)
Carlton – “Do You Dream” (ffrr)

The Pixies-Surfer Rosa(1988)

Classic album with nice boobies on the cover. Way ahead of its time. Hola Senorita!

1. Bone Machine
2. Break My Body
3. Something Against You
4. Broken Face
5. Gigantic
6. River Euphrates
7. Where Is My Mind?
8. Cactus
9. Tony's Theme
10. Oh My Golly!
11. Untitled
12. Vamos
13. I'm Amazed
14. Brick Is Red

Roundtable MC's-SD Chargers(1999)

Bolts Baby!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Dj Pnutz- World Tour Mix(2009)

Pnutz is well on her way to becoming a world class Dj so let's celebrate that with her new mix "World Tour". Sticking with her sultry mash-up party rockin' stylee, Pnutz really does include everyone on this mix. I don't care if your a music snob or you just listen to the radio, there is a track on here for you. There is not alot of people that can pull off this type of genre shifting mix with the fluidity that Pnutz maintains throughout. There are some great Jazzy-Cabaret, Latin, Dancehall, Pop and Old School Rap Moments. Also Including some special appearances by Harold & Kumar, Dave Chapelle And Mike Tyson. 53 Tracks on this 70 minute mix, you do the math. Girls rinsing it! Please Enjoy, Hell Yes!

01 intro- dj pnutz
02 traffic jam- brand nubian
03 freedom- boogaloo
04 follow me- red astaire
05 zora and rooster- outkast
06 bluesanova- 7 samurai
07 swing set- j-5
08 blu cantrel- swinging
09 step to this- josh one
10 interlude- bus driver
11 straight outa compton- nwa
12 remember where you came from- whodini
13 san fran mashup- dj pnutz
14 the bridge- mc shan
15 reprizent- orishas
16 suavemente- angie martinez
17 pureto rico- frankie cutlass
18 loco en el coco- cypress hill
19 the madness- tres deliquentes
20 slow ride- beastie boys
21 the garden- cut chemist
22 cal tjader
23 white label
24 ramsay lewis
25 la isla bonita- madona
26 oye mi canto- nore
27 we are jamacians- mr vegas
28 here comes the boom- dmx
29 action- terror fabulous
30 the djs- sublime
31 hottest- jane blaze
32 hot we hot
33 too hot to hold- tina and ike turner
34 hot hot hot- the cure
35 time keeps slipping- steve miller band
36 friday night- young guns
37 saturday night- masta ace
38 no doubt- boot camp click
39 what i am- tracey bonham
40 drop it like its hot- snoop dogg
41 mario mash- dj pnutz
42 hell yeah- beck
43 beware the boys- punjabi mc
44 punjabi mc
45 the snake- bobby jimmy and the critters
46 africa- toto
47 get live- zion i
48 cant fight the wu- dj pnutz
49 mc solaar
50 kids remix- touche
51 kids love coffee- decendents
52 last call- alkaholiks53 goodbye to yesterday- boys II men

The Slew (Kid Koala & Wolfmother)-100%

So last month I posted the Slew tracks I had heard of and found. I also had heard of the whole album somehow being shelved by a label or something of that nature and that they are going to use the material on a tour and give the album away for free so here it is 100%.

1 ) 100%

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Dj Day-What Planet What Station(2007)

Keepin it on the Funk tip. Here's a guy you should NOT be sleepin on. This brilliant Dj out of Palm Springs, CA is legit. He just did a recent European Tour with Exile and this dude is sick with it, on the decks as well as on the MPC. So go to Itunes and cop "Dj Day-The Day Before" and check out his vids on youtube.

The Bamboos-Rawville(2007)

THE BAMBOOS have received critical acclaim across the board from Jazz, Funk and Hip Hop publications for their previous Tru Thoughts album ‘Step It Up’. The Australian funk six piece are big funk collectors and inspired by artists such as The Meters, Mickey & the Soul Generation, Jimmy Smith and Reuben Wilson but have a contemporary Deep Funk sound too. ‘Rawville’ still embraces the deep raw organ based funk aesthetic of their album ‘Step It Up’, but it also embraces different flavors.

The album is half vocal based tunes and half instrumental. Vocals include those from label mate Alice Russell as well as vocalists Kylie Auldist, Tyra Hammond (Opens Souls), Fallon Williams and Ohmega Watts (Ubiquity).The Bamboos took a larger horn section into the studio for this album, so the horns are thicker and more experimental in terms if harmonies. You will hear influences from the J.B’s, Alice Clark, and early Kool & The Gang coming through on the horn arrangements.

Super fresh funk album...The Oz is holdin it down on the funk tip.

01. The Bamboos Theme
02. Bring It Home feat. Alice Russell
03. Get In The Scene feat. Ohmega Watts
04. The Witch
05. My Babay's Cheating (I Sure Got The Feeling) feat. Fallon Williams
06. I Don't Wanna Stop feat. Kylie Auldist
07. Head I The Clouds feat. Tyra Hammond
08. Happy
09. Rockin' It feat. Ohmega Watts
10. Pussy Footin'
11. Rawville
12. Tongan Steel

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Sole-Uck Rt(2001)

So as you can see, been going through the "S" files. Another "S" Banger from our favorite asthmatic rapper Sole. Dude may have trouble breathing, but he dont have a problem spittin fresh rhymes.

The story of fuck art is as follows....
Selling Live Water was initially to be produced solely by Alias. These were just songs I made in my house during that period.... stuff with nosdam and jel that wasnt gonna go on there.... so i took all the stuff i had laying around and made uckrt. Then, after the prodding of friends everyone thought i should take all the best stuff i had lying around and put it on "Selling Live Water" and it sounded like a good idea. Because I was moving forward with other projects I never bothered doing anything with this older stuff. Thats the story. I dont know how many copies i made of uckrt.... 500-1000.

1.Uckrt (1:53)
Producer - Conartist
2.Respect Pt. 3 (4:06)
Producer - Jel
3.Zero Zero Zero (2:30)
Cello [Electric] - Alex Kort* Producer - Leland* Rap [Featuring] - Dose*
4.Avantelonian (2:01)
Producer - Jel , Odd Nosdam , Sierra Nevada
5.Isnt It Sad? (3:51)
Producer - Alias (3) Rap [Featuring] - Passage
6.Puppetshow (3:10)
Producer - Mayo*
7a.I Have Since Moved On... Pt. 1 (10:05)
Producer - Controller7* , Jel , Sixtoo
7b.I Have Since Moved On... Pt. 2
Human Beatbox - Jel , Odd Nosdam
7c.I Have Since Moved On... Pt. 3
Producer - Matth
7d.Live In Phoenix With Jel
Featuring - Jel
8.Tha Realness Continuum (2:24)
Producer - Almighty Bomarr Monk, The*
9.Beyond Good And Non-Good (2:44)
Producer - Alias (3)
10.Sebago (4:50)
Producer - Jel
11.Salt On Everything (24:59)
Producer - Odd Nosdam

Sadat X-Wild Cowboys

Another trip back to High School. Sittin in Math class browsing the back of "The Source", Dreaming about getting 1200's one day. Dreams do come true...

1. The Lump Lump
2. Wild Cowboys
3. Sauce for Birdhead
4. Open Bar
5. Hang 'Em High
6. Do It Again
7. Game's Sober
8. Smoking on the Low
9. Petty People
10. The Interview
11. Stages and Lights
12. Move On
13. The Funkiest
14. Escape from New York
15. The Hashout


Adam "Doseone" Drucker - vocals and samples
Jeffrey "Jel" Logan - sampling drum machine
Jordan Dalrymple - drums, guitar, synth and vocals
Dax Pierson - vocals, keyboards/synths, harmonica, autoharp
Marton Dowers - winds, synth
Alexander Kort - electric cello

A real nice CD of Live recordings from The "WASHERE" Tour. If your looking for some live Abstract Indie Hip Hop. Look no further...

1. Flying Horse Plans (LA Knitting Factory)
2. Songmeat (Demo)
3. Silence... (Live At The Mansion)
4. Take To Take (Original Improv)
5. Eneby Kurs (Live At The Mansion)
6. Luck&Fear (LA Knitting Factory)
7. Providence (Original Improv)
8. F.K.O. (LA Knitting Factory)
9. Tez Was Here (Point Ephemere, Paris)
10. Swanmeat (Live At The Mansion)
11. Providence (Original Improv Pt II)

Thanks to Sniper

Saafir-Box Car Sessions(1994)

Box Car sessionist
Black magic is the magnet
Breakin' 'em down to micro fragments.

This was my shit for quite awhile back in high school and I still love this album to this day. Its on my Ipod right now and still gets bumped. This is Saafir's first solo album and probably his best album to date. The one time roommate of Tupac Shakur and Dancer for Digital Underground parlays his abstract rhyme style over gritty West Coast beats and leaves a grip of classic lines for the underground heads to ponder over. Here's a West Coast Classic...

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Scott Matelik-Primitive Pessimist(2004)

Scott Matelic is an Indianapolis-based artist, who has produced tracks for artists such as Sage Francis, Sole, and Adeem and has released a 7” on Bully Records. Scott’s first solo album, Primitive Pessimist, appeared independently on Swallowed Speech Music in 2002 and was released in Japan in 2004 on Trieight Records.Scott frequently collaborates with DJ Paren under the monicker Multiform.

What a Superb album of beats and remixes...

01. Paraxysm 1
02. Ripple Effect
03. Broken Wings
04. Paraxysm 2
05. To Impress The Empress
06. Finding Away
07. Stargazing
08. Daylight-Twilight
09. Passin' Me By (remix)
10. Loss of Interest
11. No Wonder (remix)
12. Carefully Cordailly Subtly
13. Paraxysm 3

Dynospectrum-The Dynospectrum(1998)

Conceived by Rhymesayers Entertainment emcee and co-founder Beyond (Musab), the Dynospectrum was the only album the "group" released in the history of the label. Including Beyond, the group also consisted of Headshots crew members Slug (of Atmosphere), Swift (of Phull Surkle) and I Self Devine (of Atlanta, Georgia's Micranots crew). They performed under the pseudonyms General Woundwart, Sept Sev Sev Two, Mr. Gene Poole and Pat Juba, respectively. The album was produced by Rhymesayers in-house beatsmith Ant (Anthony Davis of Atmosphere) who assumed the name Solomon Grundy for the project.

01 You Can Lose Your Mind
02 Introspectrum
03 Headphone Static
04 Permanent On Surfaces
05 Breath Of Fresh
06 The Wintermoon
07 Brief Interlude
08 Appearing Live
09 Southside Myth
10 Traction
11 Decompression Chamber
12 Evidence Of Things Not Seen
13 Superior Friends
14 I Wouldn't Want You To Die Uninformed
15 Tenfold
16 Anything Is Everything
17 Armor

Debmaster-Monster Zoo(2005)

This French produer baked up a real nice Electro Hip Hop Album right here. Some great and different Hip Hop production on "Monster Zoo". Real hard and quirky Electro beats with MC's such as Existereo, Innaspace, Sach, Inoe Oner, Subtitle, Bleubird, Curse Ov Dialect and more.

Tracklist :
01. La fuite
02. Universal bigot eliminators feat. Curse ov Dialect
03. Angine
04. Xplode feat. The Whyknows (Existereo & Innaspace)
05. March of the monsters
06. Digi (2020) feat. Name Science (Inoe Oner & Sach)
07. Bombergirl
08. Skinnerd feat. Bleubird
09. Fashion in hell
10. Raw deal feat. Subtitle
11. 3 bros
12. Asile story feat. Donkishot
13. Push the pressure
14. Jenny feat. Maitre Vitalis
15. Bison rock