Monday, August 31, 2009

Cujo-Killahertz Ep(2003)

Oh, The Dirty Drum N Bass How I Love Thee...

Personal Experience:
I've seen Amon Tobin Play live twice and both times I almost went into seizures. I'm not exaggerating, He fucked my head up. There was a point in his set where he played the craziest amens ive ever heard for what seemed to be an eternity. I really almost went over the edge, that guy stretched my head out so far I shouldn't remember it, but I do because it was so traumatizing. It Hurt and I loved It. It was exhausting, agitating and wonderful all at the same time. That guy is a freak behind the decks. So here is a DnB Ep from 2003 that will most likely twist and turn in your head as it did mine...

Cujo-Curfew Ep(1995)

Born in Brazil, Cujo traveled a lot across Europe during his youth. When he was 17 he began experimenting with his own sounds with a sequencer. Aftre two years he spent in Portugal, he settled in Brighton and made a number of recordings for Ninebar Records as Cujo. Then he signed to Ninja Tune Records under his real name: Amon Tobin. His works built the bases of famous Amon Tobin style: a melt of dark drum'n'bass, jazz and films samples with less sophistication.

So this is Cujo/Amon Tobin's first release in 1995. A friend had been telling me about "Cujo" stuff for years before I got a hold of it. Wow. This is his more... Nu-Jazz, Downtempo stylee cuts and there fresh. Yeah buddy.

cLOUDDEAD-Collaged At Mom's 1998-2000

This is the cLOUDDEAD Instrumentals By Odd Nosdam and Why?. Released in 2007 as a Bonus CD with the purchase of "Level Live Wires". This is a gritty boisterous Lo- Fi extravaganza which I really enjoy.

Some Background:
Clouddead (styled as cLOUDDEAD) was a musical group consisting of the experimental hip hop musicians Doseone (Adam Drucker), Why? (Yoni Wolf), and Odd Nosdam (David Madson). Generally Drucker and Wolf provide the group's vocals while Madson produces the music. Occasionally Madson's vocals can be heard, while Drucker and Wolf provide music, especially for the group's only album.

Clouddead's sound is notoriously hard to define, and although it is undoubtedly grounded in "traditional" hip-hop, influences as varied as electronica, psychedelic music and indie rock can be heard. Because of this non-traditional take on hip-hop, Clouddead have been characterized as "smartarse surrealism", with some elements of the rap community rejecting the notion that the group can be classed as hip hop at all, ignoring Doseone's request to "just call it hip hop".

Clouddead's first six 10″ singles were compiled in 2001 as a self-titled compilation album. Printed on the sleeve of "Dead Dogs Two" is "this is cLOUDDEAD number 9 of ten", indicating that as of Ten, Clouddead, as a group, have finished making music. In an interview around Ten's release, Drucker hinted that tensions between Madson and Wolf, as well as each member's heavy workload, had hastened the group's demise.

If you can find these 10" you better cop em. The vocal versions are to date still some of my favorite cuts. Some of the best Experimental Hip Hop to come out of that time. When people were saying hip hop was dead, this was a breath of fresh air. Yes its Hip Hop! Be leeeeeeee Dat.

Dj Nu-Mark & Pomo-Blend Crafters(2004)

This is a nice little instrumental hip hop album from Nu-Mark of Jurassic 5 and Pomo. You know Nu-Mark is gonna pull some heat on the breaks and he doesnt hold back on this one. Just a nice little mix of smooth breaks and samples that dont get overworked and come through nice and easy. Wheel it up Selectah!

01. Melody (3:19)
Producer - DJ Nu-Mark
02. Beat The Odds (1:03)
Producer - DJ Nu-Mark
03. Lola (3:45)
Producer - DJ Nu-Mark
04. Bad Luck Blues (3:03)
Producer - DJ Nu-Mark
05.The Way I Think (0:39)
06.Shedding Steel (2:32)
Producer - Pomo
07.Pow (3:34)
Producer - DJ Nu-Mark
08.The Shit (3:35)
Producer - DJ Nu-Mark
09.Flute Fidelity (3:16)
Producer - DJ Nu-Mark
10.Imagine (3:08)
Producer - DJ Nu-Mark
11.Unwind (2:47)
Producer - Pomo

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Blame One-Drifting(2007)

By The Time You Read This My Soul Has Drifted
I Left Behind Words On A Scroll To Sit With
We All Leave The Earth Thats The Meaning Of Time
But What Matters Is The Message That Your Leaving Behind
-Blame One

Blame One-Disturbed(feat.-Sean Price)(2009)

Dont be a mark ass busta ass, busta ass mark, ass busta ass mark fool!
Go Cop It On Itunes!!!! Blame One-Days Chasing Days Featuring Sean Price, Exile, Black Milk, Black Sparx, Blu, Aloe Blac, Kan Kick, Johaz and more.

Blame One-Pre_DCD_Mixtape(2008)

Somewhere between Old and New Schoolz you will find our boy Blame One. This collection of unreleased Blame One joints are full of spirituality, life lessons, raw experiences and time capsules for his children. With the tried and true formula of Exile Bangerz and Blame spittin fyah this free mixtape will not disappoint. This release was a pre cursor to the release of "Days Chasing Days" Featuring Exile, Black Milk, Sean Price, Black Sparx, Wrath Khy and more.

If you dont have "Priest, Thief, Wizard" and or "Days Chasing Days" your SLEEPING. Go Cop Em'

1. Mixtape intro. cuts by bizkid
2. Hella Confused prod Adikt one
3. Cali Dreamin Prod. Amiri
4. Ghost Stories Prod Exile
5. Set up. feat Aloe Blacc prod DJ Day
6. Take no Shorts prod. Exile
7. Master the rhyme prod. Mike Castillo
8. Mic Math prod. Exile
9. Change Begin prod. Exile
10. Life Prod. Exile
11. Saloon Tune Prod. Exile
12. Young man feat. Johaz(deep rooted) prod by exile
13. All on the line prod. Exile
14. North County Prod. Exile cut by Blame
15. Once Upon a time prod. Exile
16. Song for Anthony prod. Exile
17. City Slickers feat. Exile prod. Exile
18. Outro feat. symphony and Anthony

Blame One-A Complex Burden(2004)

So these next couple posts are a tribute of sorts to our friend... The Triple OG Rap Don, who's sick with the gift, a pimp with a limp and daddy of the year. North County-San Diego's, Blame One, who has announced his retirement earlier this year.

Well since the homie Blame One announced his retirement this year I have had mixed feelings about the whole situation. On one hand this guy is by far my favorite MC out of San Diego and he is sooooo talented. I would hate to think that "Days Chasing Days" will be his last record. But on the other hand, being a father myself, I understand where he is coming from. He wants to focus his time and energy on his family, which you cant knock him for that. So bottom line, we just have to enjoy the shows we saw and the albums he created that much more. Though it may feel that we are at a loss, we will continue to be blessed by his prescence on the microphone and the wonderful music he created and recorded to date.

So this isn't good-bye or anything like that, just an ode or introduction to a great artist. I know his music will continue to flourish and make a contribution to the hip hop community. Here is a soon to be underground classic by Blame One from 2004 "A Complex Burden".

Let's just cross our fingers and hope this is like a Brett Farve retirement.

1. Day One

2. Hip Hop Hell

3. Injure And Escape

4. Same Goals

5. Symphony

6. Sons Of Light

7. Wither & Die

8. Help Them (Interlude)

9. Teach The Youth

10. Alumni feat. Main Flow1

1. The Mind Boggle

12. Deja Voo presents...

13. Preceding Events

14. Breakin' My Heart

15. Obstacles feat. Deja Voo

16. Satisfy My Soul

17. Live @ The Party feat. A. Diction18. Outro

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Josh Martinez-Made In China(2000)

This is Josh Martinez's second album. I got this in 2001 from Josh himself when he came to Dago on tour with Anticon. Long story short, this was a special time in my life and I was bumpin this cd constantly. Brings back memories and made me a forever Josh Martinez fan... What will it take to make me normal?

Track Listing
1. La Rambla
2. (sic) Muse
3. Outlook
4. The Cluuuuub
5. Big Mouths (feat. Kunga 219 )
6. Weed Weed
7. Magic Bullet
8. Chickenshit
9. Marxschism
10. Chord Changes
11. I've Got Devils
12. Letter to July
13. Breakdown
14. Deny

Global Phlotation-Nucleus(2002)

Zagu Brown, Orko Tha Sykotik Alien, Adlib, Abstract Rude,Sach and OD contribute on this West Coast Underground Classic. Keep it F-R-E-S-H...Fresh Coast!

01. Intro
02. G.P.A.C.
03. Detached
04. Global Phlowtations feat. Abstract Rude
05. Knowledge Is King
06. Quadradic Equasion
07. Transmutation
08. Subterranean Service Pt. 2
09. Voice Of Hip Hop
10. The Future

Friday, August 21, 2009

The Joe Beats Experiment-Indie Rock Blues(2006)

Me being a fan of anything Joe Beats and having a new found love for Indie Rock, this record is brilliant. Basically a remix album of great Indie songs, well not really. Great songs indeed but Joey Beats really makes these songs his own and freaks em, Hard. A great quality of this project is that it plays out as a mixtape and seems to run seamlessly from track to track for a nice smooth listen. The song selection and drum programing is superb and makes for straight bangerz. Don't sleep...

1. M. Ward – Sad, Sad Song
2. The Black Heart Procession – When We Reach The Hill
3. 90 Day Men/Cursive – Exploration vs. Solution, Baby/Dedication
4. Belle, Sebastian & Signify – Space Boy Dream
5. Ugly Cassanova – Ice On The Sheets
6. Pinback/Kid Dakota – XIY/Winterkill
7. Neutral Milk Hotel – Naomi
8. June Of 44 – Doomsday
9. The Minutemen/Neil Hamburger – It’s Expected I’m Gone/Open Ended Interview
10. Andrew Bird – I
11. Deerhoof – Panda, Panda, Panda
12. Make Up/Scout Niblet – Save Yourself/It’s All For You
13. Songs: Ohia – Coxcomb Red

Beck-Sea Change(2002)

Just listened to Colma, thought of this album. Supposedly written after a break up, this is a definite change of pace for Beck. But what a great record. Modern day blues we'll call it. This is an album I've enjoyed listening to after a serious break up but also just drinking beer in the Sunday sun.

01. The Golden Age
02. Paper Tiger
03. Guess I'm Down Fine
04. Lonesome Tears
05. Lost Cause
06. End Of The Day
07. It's All In Your Mind
08. Round The Bend
09. Alredy Dead
10. Sunday Sun
11. Little One
12. Side Of The Road


On Colma, trailblazing guitarist, Buckethead creates a captivating album of instrumental brilliance. With the help of a few friends, notably Bill Laswell and drummer Brain, Buckethead has molded an album mixing emotional depth with innovative technique while exploring new musical avenues. As Gavin puts it, "The music on Colma will have you floating somewhere between the outer limits of the Twilight Zone and the inner realms of the universal subconscious." Colma represents the quieter side of Buckethead's varied repertoire, but proves the man can do it all.

This is one of my favorite Buckethead albums. The tracks on this album are so emotionally strong and cinematic. Colma seems to have a more Hip Hop/Downtempo feel throughout and will leave you lost in your own head. I think of Buckethead as being one of the greatest guitar players from our generation and this is a great piece from his discography.

Buckethead - Guitars, Bass.Brain - Drums, Loops
DJ Disc - Appears on "Machete", "Hills Of Eternity" and "Lone Sal Bug"
Bill Laswell - Bass on "Machete", Production
Teri Untalan - Cello & Viola on "Wondering" and "Lone Sal Bug"

2.For Mom
4.Hills Of Eternity
5.Big Sur Moon
7.Wishing Well
8.Lone Sal Bug
11.Watching The Boats With My Dad
12.Ghost/Part 2

Cut City-Exit Decades

Cut City from Sweden formed in 2002 around the local Deleted Art label, sort of the swedish counter-part to U.S. art-punk imprints like Three One G and Tapes Records. In May 2005 they issued a 4-song EP on the california-based Gold Standard Labs label. This is their debut full-length, "Exit Decades" and it was released in February 2007 on GSL. There is also vinyl released by Deleted Art.

The opening track "like Ashes Like Millions" is a winner and there is more dark indie pop rock to follow up on this album . This album definitely has a Joy Division feel to it. Other stand out tracks include "Rival Trial" and "Dull Miles(Exit Decades)". I been bumpin it lately so I figured I would share.

The Flaming Lips-At War With The Mystics Instrumentals(2006)

Thats right party people the entire album all music, no words. This Instrumental version really lets The music shine and it does. Just in case your not knowing, The Flaming Lips got beats. Even though I really enjoy the original with vocals there is something about the instrumental version that really tickles me...Dont Sleep

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dj Krush-Meiso(1995)

1 Only The Strong Survive feat.C.L. Smooth
2 Anticipation (Scratches by DJ Hide)
3 What's Behind Darkness?
4 Meiso feat.Black Thought & Malik B.
5 Bypath 1
6 Blank
7 Ground feat.Deflon Sallahr
8 Bypath 2
9 Most Wanted Man feat.Guru & Big Shug
10 Bypath 3
11 3rd Eye
12 Oce 9504
13 Duality (Drum Programming: Pt.1 by DJ Krush, Pt.2 by DJ Shadow
14 Bypath-Would You Take It?

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Kid Koala Presents The Slew Live

A couple of years back Eric San (aka Kid Koala) and Dylan J. Frombach (aka Dynomite D) were approached to soundtrack a new documentary feature film that was in production. Koala was already well known for his uncanny turntable manipulation, whilst Dylan had remixed Money Mark and collaborated with the Beastie Boys, amongst others. The duo worked for a long time on the psych rock-influenced score, only for the filming to collapse and any release to be canned. Although the film may never see the light of day, its music is about to be brought to life on stage.

Recently Koala & Dylan met the former rhythm section of Grammy Award-winning Australian rock band Wolfmother and began telling them all about the film and its lost music. Chris Ross and Myles Heskett loved the clips and urged that the material had to be heard; subsequently Kid Koala and the guys decided to put a show on the road.

After intensive rehearsals the show is now ready to go. Featuring drums, bass/keys and the DJs working across a truly excessive six turntables, the set is seventy minutes of raw guitar cuts and heavy beats. We can guarantee that you will never have heard anything quite like this and also that you are unlikely to again.

It's a one-off tour, so when it stops in your town you'll either be there or will have missed it forever. Anyone who has seen previous Kid Koala events will not be disappointed - from Kid Koala's incendiary solo turntable spectaculars to the Nufonia book launch, Deltron 3030 live to the Short Attention Span Theater.Brash, loud and defiantly turned up to eleven. The Slew Tour is coming to your town. Don't miss it.

WED 9/23 VANCOUVER, BC/Commodore
THUR 9/24 SEATTLE, WA/Nectar
FRI 9/25 SAN FRANCISCO, CA/Independent
WED 9/30 BROOKLYN, NY/Music Hall Of Williamsburg
THUR 10/1 BOSTON, MA/Great Scott
FRI 10/2 MONTREAL, QC/La Tulipe
SAT 10/3 TORONTO, ON/Lee's Palace
SUN 10/4 CHICAGO, IL/Abbey

"Its All Over"

"You Turn Me Cold"

Dj Pain-Mo Ninja Fudge(2009)

This latest Pain mix takes us back to the late 90's with some classic downtempo cuts. As the mix title states, this is from the golden era of downtempo cuts on Mo Wax, Ninja Tune and Jazz Fudge. This mix was influenced and featured on the legendary Solid Steel Radio Show. The selection seems to show a lighter side of Pain we rarely see in his mixes ,but still arranged and mixed in true Pain fashion. As an old school Mo wax and Ninja fan this mix really conjures up great memories and good feelings...Blessings...Enjoy

1.Skalpel - High - Ninja Tune
2.Unkle - Garage Piano - Mo Wa
3.Max 404 - ‘Quiddity’
4.Last Visit - Mo Wax
5.Folk Implosion - Simean Groove - Mo Wax
6.Prelude To Cycle 6 - Rectangular Depression - Jazz Fudge
7.RPM - 2000 - Mo Wax
8.DJ Food - Cosmic Jam - Ninja Tune
9.London Funk Allstars - Beats Part 1 All Star Theme - Ninja Tune
10.Up Bustle & Out - Ninja Principality - Ninja Tune
11.London Funk Allstars - Mad Love - Ninja Tune
12.DJ Toolz - Busty Goes Gaga - Ninja Tune
13.9 Lazy 9 - Black Jesus - Ninja Tune
14.Up Bustle & Out - Y Ahora Tu - Ninja Tune
15.Tommy Guerero - As The Sea Holds Creatures - Mo Wax
16.Malcom Catto - Raydio - Mo Wax
17.Little Aida - Who Are U Boy - Jazz Fudge
18.Vadim - Sound Colourisation - Ninja Tune
19.Vadim - My Radio - Ninja Tune
20.Cold Cut - More Beats & Pieces (live in koln) - Ninja Tune
21.Super Numeri - The Coastal Bird Scene Part 3 - Ninja Tune

Joe Beats-Hopestrumentals(2005)

01 - Intro (1:31)
02 - Any Port (4:29)
03 - Damage (5:06)
04 - That Ain’t Right (4:49)
05 - Disasters (2:11)
06 - Fresh (3:24)
07 - Mainstream 307 (4:00)
08 - A Mill (0:41)
09 - Spaceman (4:25)
10 - Xual Zan’s Heart (4:08)
11 - Interlude (1:12)
12 - New Word Order (4:40)
13 - Tolerance Level (4:06)
14 - The Cure (5:06)
15 - Outro (2:19)
16 - Bounce (3:37)
17 - Threewrite (4:36)
18 - MY Girl Was A Groupie (4:06)
19 - Hey Bobby (6:12)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Dj Spooky & Dave Lombardo-Drums Of Death

It may be called DJ Spooky versus Dave Lombardo, but there is a lot more at work here. Public Enemy’s Chuck D and Living Color guitarist Vernon Reid guest on quite a few tracks, while Jack Dangers (a.k.a. Meat Beat Manifesto) shows up on just about everything, snagging a co-producer credit alongside Spooky. Another cool side project of great musicians in a genre melding banger.

1. Universal Time Signal
2. Brother’s Gonna Work It Out feat. Public Enemy
3. Quantum Cyborg Drum Machine
4. Guitar DJ Tool Element
5. Metatron
6. Assisted Suicide feat. Dalek & Merideth Monk
7. Kulter Kreig
8. Sounds From Planet x
9. B-Side Wins Again feat. Chuck D
10. Incipit Zarathustra
11. A Darker Shade Of Bleak
12. The Art Of War
13. Terra Nullius
14. Public Enemy #1 feat. Chuck D
15. Obscure Disorder (Ghosthacked)
16. Particle Storm

Hermanos Del Pulpo(Dj Pain & Dj Chaps One)-HDP Mix

Dj Pain:
Chaps and I started a crew back in early 2000 and released some Mixes and were playing 2×4 gig’s across Southern California at that time for many west coast hip hop shows. Opening for underground heavy hitters such as the Shape Shifters, Visionaries, Sage Francis, 2Mex and Busdriver, just to name a few. Our first Mix was in 2003 titled "The Invasion Of The Hermanos Del Pulpo". Since then with families getting larger and life itself moving around, things got busy for both of us. We sat down late last year and decided it’s time we team up again on some Live projects and some Mixes. I was very pleased with this, we always had this chemistry in our Mixes and Live Shows that you just cant get from one person alone on a single set of deck’s, especially @ live shows. Our Crew name is a bit of a story in itself, we are called “Hermanos Del Pulpo” or in english “Brothers Of The Octopus”. Being such an elusive and tactical creature this name seemed fitting to our personalities and our djing style. The concept of the crew and our projects are basically a mixture of heavy music with sci fi moods and dialogue. We carry this as a theme in alot of our projects. Hence, probably you’ll hark back to some of the sci fi themed stuff I do in my own solo projects and why The Day The Earth… Mix had the quirky monster octopus intro…

Well I hope you enjoy the self titled “HDP” Mix. I feel like this Mix has a little something for everyone and there will be alot more projects coming out from the “Hermanos Del Pulpo” as well as my own solo projects… As “Hermanos Del Pulpo” DJ Chaps One and I have already started on two other Mix’s so tuned to for the latest updates with myself and HDP.

Mr. Trick:
This mix is wall-to-wall killer, with the kind of excellent narrative themes and sick beats we’ve come to know and love from this skilled Californian. There are also tasty exclusives by way of some new Elektro4 beats and a brand new track from DJ Exile. So, get your download on and enjoy HDP – god knows we are and we’ve had it for some 4 weeks now!

Daedelus - LIVE MIX on the Dublab Rooftop

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Controller 7- Sonoro

1. Intro - "I Would Like To Know You Again"
2. The Fox - "As She Walks Away"
3. Zoot Money - "Landscape"
4. Fever Tree - "Death Is The Dancer"
5. Bo Grumpus - "Yesterday's Streets"
6. Jimmy Campbell - "Half Baked" (C7 edit)
7. Dennis Olivieri - "I Cry In The Morning"
8. The Heads - "Seeing Mr. Spouth"
9. Osmosis - "Scorpio Rising"
10. "test # 6"
11. Ronald Stein - "Falling Bodies Ballet"
12. Arthur Brown's Kingdom Come - "Triangles"
13. "test # 7"
14. Salvation - "More Than It Seems"
15. Gale Garnett And The Gentle Reign - "The Trip Note Song"
16. Johnny Rivers - "Hey Joe"
17. "test # 8 - there's nothing out there"
18. Arthur Brown - "Time"
19. The Collectors - "What Love"

Controller 7-"Here's that psych/rock/pop mix I made 2 or 3 years ago. It's been sitting on my computer ever since. I was going to press up some cds, but just decided to give it away for free. It's just a mellow mix of some songs I like. I spent a lot of time trying to keep a consistent mood and make the transitions fluid. Enjoy. Feel free to pass this around/spread the love."

Buddy Peace-Holy Chrome

Dj Chaps One-Married To Vinyl(2003)

Making his way in the early SD/LA Hip Hop and Rave Scence in the late Nineties and early Thousands, by bangin dancefloors with the ruffest West Coast Underground Hip Hop and electronic beats he could get his hands on. This Sun Dialect soldier works directly alongside the Sun Dialect General Dj Pain and is the second member of the Dj duo Hermanos Del Pulpo. Some where in between playing shows and getting stupid in 2002-2003, Chaps made "MarriedTo Vinyl". A straight forward hip hop mix filled with classic underground bangerz and some stellar programming. Simple, live And clean.

Arangged, Mixed and Recorded By Dj Chaps One
Mastered By Dj FSTZ
Cover Art By Joshua Veteto
Sun Dialect Recordings 2003

2.People Under The Stairs-The Digs
3.Various Blends-Even More Even
4.Emanon-Blind Love
5.Blackalicious-Blazing Arrow
6.Non-Prophets-Whore Mongore
7.Awol One & Daddy Kev-Lick Me Im Famous
8.Busdriver-Buy One Style, Get One Style Free
9.Dose One & Boom Bip- Goddamn Telephone
10.Blame One & Exile-Pair-A-Graffs
11.Dj Hive-Birdman
12.Shape Shifters-Planet Rock 2020
13.Fat Jack-Head Like A Brick
16.Mission Ft. Celcius Igro-Throw Your Hands Up
17.LA Symphony-Broken Tape Decks
18.Lyrics Born-Hello

(MF) Chaps One-Married To Vinyl.mp3

Sunday, August 9, 2009

The League-Track Team(2003)

This is the second album from The League formerly The English Leauge (Doc Lewd, Matre, Life Rexall and Jericho J). Being that there first album was a underground classic in my opinion, it was not a far stretch to think that the sophomore album from these Shape Shifter affiliates would be less than spectacular. They did not disappoint. With a big step up in the production and rhymes you can tell each member had refined their skills and brought the heat for these 21 cuts from "The Track Team"...

The English League-Mirror Heroes(1999)

This is the first album from The Engish League aka The Leauge. Comprised of Dr. Lewdachris, Matre, Life Rexall and Jericho J. A true west coast underground classic. Dope beats and hard rhymes from 99'...Enjoy

Karl Hector & The Malcouns-Sahara Swing(Music Video)

Zillatron-Lord Of The Harvest(1993)

Wow! What a great album. Look at the credits and that should give you a pretty good idea of where this album is gonna go. Oh and it goes!

...a cyberfunk creation by Bootsy Collins and Bill Laswell, driving funk into the virgin territories of ambient, hardcore, techno and beyond, with Praxis bandmates Buckethead and Bernie Worrell-a sonic landscape of the gradual apocalypse.

Zillatron*Fuzzface*Bootsy Collins- spaced bass, voices, samples, beats
Bernie Worrell - electric piano, Hammond B3, synthesizers
Buckethead - electric & acoustic guitars
Bill Laswell - ambient sounds and noises
Grandmaster Melle Mel - chant
Umar Bin Hassan - chant
Debra Barsha, Kristen Gray, Momma Collins, Brenda Holloway, Patti Willis - back vocals

1. C.B.I. Files (Collins) - 2:09)
2. Bugg Lite (Collins) - 6:19
3. Fuzz Face (Collins) - 7:56
4. Exterminate (Laswell) - 2:37
5. Smell the Secrets (Laswell, Collins, Buckethead) - 3:02
6. Count Zero (Laswell, Collins) - 5:57
7. Bootsy & the Beast (Laswell, Collins, Buckethead) - 5:11
8. No Fly Zone (The Devil's Playground) (Collins) - 6:56
9. The Passion Continues (Laswell, Collins, Buckethead) - 5:03

Props to OP Holmes for this One.

Baby Elephant-Turn My Teeth Up(2007)

Baby Elephant is PRINCE PAUL, NEWKIRK and BERNIE WORRELL.The debut album, "TURN MY TEETH UP!" in stores now on Godforsaken Music...Prince Paul teams up with one of his musical idols- eccentric keyboard mastermind and two-time Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, Bernie Worrell (P-Funk, Talking Heads). Long-time Prince Paul collaborator, Newkirk, rounds out the hyper-skilled Baby Elephant trio.“Turn My Teeth Up!” is arguably the most creative and musical album of Prince Paul’s storied career and a landmark achievement for Worrell. True to form, Prince Paul has assembled an amazing and diverse cast of co-conspirator’s. “Turn My Teeth Up!” features classical turns by David Byrne, George Clinton, Yellowman, Shock G, Nona Hendryx, DJ Roc Raida, and more.
1. The Search(skit)
2. Baby Elephants N Thangs (feat George Clinton)
3. Plainfield (feat Shock G)
4. Cool Runnins (feat Yellowman)
5. Master(skit)
6. If U Don't Wanna Dance (feat Reggie Watts)
7. Language(skit)
8. Even Stranger
9. Crack Addicts in Love (feeat Nona Hendryx)
10. Turn My Teeth Up!
12. How Does the Brain Wave? (feat David Byrne)
13. Skippin Stonze (feat Gabby La La)
14. 100 Keyboards(Skit)
15. Scratchinatanitchouttareach (feat George Clinton)
16. Fred Berry
17. Take Me To Brazil(skit)

Friday, August 7, 2009

Bolaphone-Reality Disclaimer(2008)

1. Harmonize (1:13)

2. Opening (call me lofi) (3:24)

3. Master and Learner (3:42)

4. Generation of Bare Feet (3:23)

5. A Non-classical Style (dj tool) (3:07)

6. Interlude (1:21)

7. Death of a Countess (4:38)

8. Learner and Master (3:41)

9. Closing (2:01)

Bolaphone is a Producer out of the Czech Republic and this album will not disappoint.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


As he did on the Wait Til the Ice Melts compilation earlier in 2008, Texas’ Diego “Aether” Chavez exhibits veteran musicianship on Artifacts, regardless of its status as his debut full length. No shortage of ghostly vocal trails or chopped violins laces these bleary, DJ Cam-like trips, and Chavez comes out looking pretty good for a (fairly) new kid.-Remix

I've really been enjoying this album. Super fresh vocal samples, good drum programming, a good mixture of moods. Look out here comes Texas...

1. Forgive Me (1:55)
2. Dajame Dormir (2:06)
3. To Her (2:54)
4. Milla Ann (1:50)
5. Anywhere (1:26)
6. It Was (3:21)
7. Autumn Pisces (3:45)
8. Orfeu Negro (4:07)
9. Reflection (0:25)
10. Variance (3:23)
11. Rain or Shine (3:04)
12. Caparra (3:10)
13. Dame un (0:59)
14. Beso (0:54)
15. Makeshift Sanctuary (4:27)


These cats are sick with it. One of my favorite releases of 2009 so far. These guys have remained quite the mystery for years. I dont know a whole lot about them except their from San Diego and they make dope beats. What I do know is they like drums and have in my opinion some of the dopest live and programmed drums out right now. They have a very dark minamalist style, they twist alot of knobs and they record very well. This album has some previously released tracks from sound in color comps a rework off there MRR-ADM 10" and some previously unreleased cuts. Cant wait for their new one...
Limited to 600 pressings.Licensed courtesy of Sound In Color.Southern Californian production team Michael Raymond Russell and Adam Douglas Manella (MRR-ADM), formerly known as MHE, have self-released one 10″ EP. In the past, they have collaborated with the likes of Ghostface Killah, Malcolm Catto and Mike Burnham. They are currently working on their debut album for Now-Again. ADM finds time to moonlight as Now-Again’s web-director...


1. MHE045 (3:31)
2. MHE005 (3:27)
3. MHE011 (5:54)
4. MHE012 (2:35)
5. MHE008 (2:27)
6. MHE003 (2:17)
7. MHE001 (Extended) (2:46)
8. MHE009 (2:33)
9. MHE006 (2:50)
10. MHE010 (2:38)
11. MHE007 (2:53)
12. MHE002 (Extended) (3:10)

Monday, August 3, 2009

Dj Pain-Road To Oblivion

Lets start things off correct with a soundscape from Dj Pain. This is Definitely My Favorite mix to date from Dj Pain. He always seems to be a couple five years ahead of the curve. So if your looking to catch up in the realm of drum heavy hip hop beats, this is where you would do it. There are classics like Attica Blues and Dj Vadim to newer beatsmiths, such as Elektro4 and MHE. The backbone of dark and ecstatic drum music is entertained by a very thoughtful and cinematic storyline with some pretty serious political overtones. Pain's seemless mixing and rinsing style will leave you scratching your head, pondering if that really just happened. It Did! There is anger, comfort, peace, angst, wreckogning and redemption in these 65 minutes of pure genius. Whether your a dj, producer, emcee, artist or music enthusiast, your going to more than enjoy this mix...

01. Blue Sky Black Death - Dream Of Dying
02. Carlo - Grace Au Laigneur
03. Egadz - KidWithoutRadio
04. MHE - 005
05. Jel - All Around
06. Elektro4 - Daily Medication
07. DJ Abilities - Star Destroyer (Instrumental)
08. MHE - 006
09. Four Tet - A Joy
10. Controller 7 - I Tried To Speak, But Couldn't
11. Mums The Word - They Wanna Rap (Instrumental)
12. Omega One - Momento
13. MHE - 002
14. Telephone Jim Jesus - Blue In The Face
15. Dextah - Quite The Revelation
16. Attica Blues - Tender (20,000 Leagues Mix)
17. Controller 7 - Reactionary
18. Pedro - Fear & Resilience (Cherrystones Remix)
19. Elektro4 - Three Views Of A Secret
20. DJ Vadim - English Breakfast (Instrumental)
21. Reanimator - Much Better
22. RJD2 - The Horror
23. Company Flow - Friend Vs. Friend
24. Dextah - Untitled #541
25. Dday One - Dust Ritual
26. Meaty Ogre - 18th And Wood
27. Enduser - Familiar Taste Of Blood