Sunday, August 9, 2009

Baby Elephant-Turn My Teeth Up(2007)

Baby Elephant is PRINCE PAUL, NEWKIRK and BERNIE WORRELL.The debut album, "TURN MY TEETH UP!" in stores now on Godforsaken Music...Prince Paul teams up with one of his musical idols- eccentric keyboard mastermind and two-time Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, Bernie Worrell (P-Funk, Talking Heads). Long-time Prince Paul collaborator, Newkirk, rounds out the hyper-skilled Baby Elephant trio.“Turn My Teeth Up!” is arguably the most creative and musical album of Prince Paul’s storied career and a landmark achievement for Worrell. True to form, Prince Paul has assembled an amazing and diverse cast of co-conspirator’s. “Turn My Teeth Up!” features classical turns by David Byrne, George Clinton, Yellowman, Shock G, Nona Hendryx, DJ Roc Raida, and more.
1. The Search(skit)
2. Baby Elephants N Thangs (feat George Clinton)
3. Plainfield (feat Shock G)
4. Cool Runnins (feat Yellowman)
5. Master(skit)
6. If U Don't Wanna Dance (feat Reggie Watts)
7. Language(skit)
8. Even Stranger
9. Crack Addicts in Love (feeat Nona Hendryx)
10. Turn My Teeth Up!
12. How Does the Brain Wave? (feat David Byrne)
13. Skippin Stonze (feat Gabby La La)
14. 100 Keyboards(Skit)
15. Scratchinatanitchouttareach (feat George Clinton)
16. Fred Berry
17. Take Me To Brazil(skit)

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