Saturday, August 29, 2009

Blame One-A Complex Burden(2004)

So these next couple posts are a tribute of sorts to our friend... The Triple OG Rap Don, who's sick with the gift, a pimp with a limp and daddy of the year. North County-San Diego's, Blame One, who has announced his retirement earlier this year.

Well since the homie Blame One announced his retirement this year I have had mixed feelings about the whole situation. On one hand this guy is by far my favorite MC out of San Diego and he is sooooo talented. I would hate to think that "Days Chasing Days" will be his last record. But on the other hand, being a father myself, I understand where he is coming from. He wants to focus his time and energy on his family, which you cant knock him for that. So bottom line, we just have to enjoy the shows we saw and the albums he created that much more. Though it may feel that we are at a loss, we will continue to be blessed by his prescence on the microphone and the wonderful music he created and recorded to date.

So this isn't good-bye or anything like that, just an ode or introduction to a great artist. I know his music will continue to flourish and make a contribution to the hip hop community. Here is a soon to be underground classic by Blame One from 2004 "A Complex Burden".

Let's just cross our fingers and hope this is like a Brett Farve retirement.

1. Day One

2. Hip Hop Hell

3. Injure And Escape

4. Same Goals

5. Symphony

6. Sons Of Light

7. Wither & Die

8. Help Them (Interlude)

9. Teach The Youth

10. Alumni feat. Main Flow1

1. The Mind Boggle

12. Deja Voo presents...

13. Preceding Events

14. Breakin' My Heart

15. Obstacles feat. Deja Voo

16. Satisfy My Soul

17. Live @ The Party feat. A. Diction18. Outro

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