Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Edan-Primitive Plus(2002)

1. “‘83 Wildin” – 2:24
2. “One Man Arsenal” – 3:40
3. “Humble Magnificent” – 3:00
4. “Migraine (Almighty Dust Mix)” – 3:26
5. “Key Bored” – 1:36
6. “Emcees Smoke Crack” – 3:41
7. “#1 Hit Record” – 1:59
8. “Syllable Practice” (Original) – 3:02
9. “Good Evening” – 0:29
10. “Rapperfection” – 3:25 (Featuring Mr. Lif)
11. “Mic Manipulator” – 3:52
12. “Primitive Plus” – 2:18
13. “You Suck” – 3:47 (Featuring Father Time)
14. “Run That Shit!” – 4:13
15. “Ultra ‘88 (Tribute)” – 2:02
16. “Syllable Practice” (12″ Version) – 3:07
17. “A.E.O.C.” – 3:03
18. “Sing it, Shitface” – 7:37

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Nonce-Bus Stops(Where The Honeys Is At)12" Single(1995)

a1.bus stops (album version)
a2.bus stops (instrumental)
a3.bus stops (token and a transfer remix)
a4.bus stops (token and a transfer remix instrumental)
b1.who falls apart? (vocal)
b2.who falls apart? (instrumental)
b3.bus stops (metro line remix)
b4.bus stops (metro line remix instrumental)

The Nonce-World Ultimate(1995)

The Nonce was a hip-hop duo from Los Angeles, California, that was active in the 1990s (releasing material from 1992 to 1999). As part of the Project Blowed collective, working with Aceyalone, among others, the duo developed a reputation for smooth, jazzy, classy production, complimented by laid-back, smart rhymes (paying homage to the Old School emcees they grew up off of in the mid-1980s)

One of my all time favorites. World Ultimate was my first introduction to The Blowed and it affirmed my absolute undying love and commitment to West Coast Hip Hop. I hold this album near and dear. R.I.P. Yusef

Monday, June 28, 2010

Awol One/Josh Martinez & Dj Moves-Splitsville(2007)

Awol One, Josh Martinez "Splitsville" CD combines two EPs into an album of love songs for broken hearts, with the feel of broken men brought to their knees by the trials of love. Equal parts black humor, dreamy pop and gorgeous multilayered hi-hats, this album is for people who like things, but hate stuff.

Press Quotes:"If you like getting staggeringly drunk to forget your problems, consider this album your theme music!" - Urb"Moves production sets the perfect tone for West Coast golden boys Martinez and Awol to tear the tears right out of your ducts." - Vice"Heartbreakingly real, with just a glimmer of hope. Fantastic." - NME

1. Martinez Intro
2. Last Train
3. Raindance
4. The Business
5. Past Dues
6. Too Much feat. Evil and Moka Only
7. Splitsville feat. Awol One
8. Awol's Intro
9. Shakeyer Eywind
10. Van to Whittier feat. Kaboom, Cee, Kunga 219 and Josh Martinez
11. Thunder's Dying
12. Like 2 Live feat. Josh Martinez
13. Wanted and Needed
14. The Beast feat. The Chicharones

Alice Russell-Pot Of Gold Remixes(2009)

Tracklisting CD1 :
01. Let Us Be Loving (Kidkanevil Remix) 4:01
02. Got The Hunger (DJ Vadim Remix) 6:49
03. Living The Life Of A Dreamer (Mr Scruff Remix) 8:04
04. All Alone (Mocean Worker Remix) 3:20
05. Universe (Kid Gusto Remix) 5:36
06. Two Steps (Herma Puma Remix) 3:02
07. Hurry On Now (Emika Remix) 6:30
08. Lights Went (Out Ljm Remix) 2:50
09. Let Us Be Loving (The Clonious Remix) 3:42
10. Living The Life Of A Dreamer (Ste Keyz Remix) 5:18
11. Got The Hunger (J-Boogie Dub Remix) 5:11

Tracklisting CD2 :
01. Two Steps (Shawn Lee's 7 Inches Of Soul Remix) 3:37
02. All Alone (Captain Planet Remix) 3:43
03. Got The Hunger (Llorca Remix) 5:00
04. Universe (Dusty Remix) 4:22
05. Two Steps (Ohmega Watts Remix) 4:33
06. Lights Went Out (Zntn Mix) 5:37
07. Got The Hunger (Ticklah Remix) 6:41
08. All Alone (Dj Day Meets Clutchy Hopkins Remix) 4:12
09. Let Us Be Loving (Yellowtail Remix) 4:11
10. Got The Hunger (The Heavy Remix) 3:54
11. Universe (Grc Remix) 5:46


Another classic Shape Shifter joint from 2005 with some older reworked/remastered tracks and some newer material from Die, Akuma and Life Rexall.

01.Triple Threat (2:52). Scratches - Kut Masta Kurt
02.Sacrifice (3:29)
03.Bring It To You (3:14)
04.Figure Four (3:34). Feat - Matre
05.Jumpstart (2:07)
06.Prevail (5:21)
07.Chainletter (3:42)
08.Rock Rhymes (3:13)
09.Catch This Buzz (3:44). Feat - Doc Lewd , Existereo , Tommy V Producer - WD4D
10.Stompin' (2:56). Producer - Deeskee
11.Chain Name (3:46)
12.All Of Me (3:49)
13.No Regret (3:12)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Radioinactive-Pyramidi(2CD Japanese Retail)(2001)

Disc One
01. intro
02. launch padlock smithereen
03. look within
04. pyramidi
05. clam chowder day
06. before the thought
07. be fulfilled
08. the music
09. sufi nightclub
10. my education
11. mud
12. bop nightmare
13. impulsive
14. may your journey be filled with light
15. una cosa
16. swallow this blanket
17. witch doctor
18. can't crossover
19. hair, shoes & eyebrows, pt. 2
20. dub funeral
21. childish
22. indecisive
23. sasquatch
24. de iruetagoyena
25. our souls
26. formal lecture on poetry
27. alice in acidland
28. organ grinder
29. the earl of nine teas walks with kaleidescope through the streets of yesteryear
30. washing broken dishes

Disc Two
01. Calender
02. Live on hot i 97
03. Rodeoinactive
04. Beyond Thajawn
05. Snooze Bhattan
06. Originality
07. Body Oda
08. It Takes One

Friday, June 25, 2010

The Shape Shifters-Circuit City

I love this Video...I'm off to catch a fade in a primer grey IROC.

The Shape Shifters-Soulows(2002)

A classic release in 2002 of Shape Shifters and affiliates solo works and compiled together on one banger ass CD. No tracklist I could find matched up with this version. I have heard at least three different versions of this CD-R, the one I had back when, I think only had 13 tracks on it but this one has a couple extras that are still dope and a instrumental at the end. This was a mainstay in my player for years and I just dropped it back in my itunes and it is conjuring up grand and wicked memories. I miss Doc Lewd!

The Shape Shifters-Adopted By Aliens(2000)

It just dawned on me that I dont even have any essentials from one of my all time favorite rap crews on FDH. So for your bumpin enjoyment, here's the bizzness.

01Who's Got Presents? (5:58). Feat - 2Mex
02.Prevail (5:21)
03.Brainfish Reanimated (5:55)
04.Reiterate (4:26)
05.Rob One Mixtape Megamix (2:07)
06.Words Of Wizdumb (4:41)
07.Mos Eisley (4:44)
08.Strange Birds (4:04)
09.Flossin' (1:26)
10.The Chain Name (3:45)
11.Planet Rock 2012 (8:30)
12.Triple Threat (2:50)
13.Beetleborg (2:20)
14.Wake Up Dead (3:26). Feat - Mikah -
15.Korn Bizkit (11:17)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Type Cycle

This website contains a portfolio of graphic design, painting, photography and beginning web design by Joshua Veteto. The graphic design section includes signatures, logos, t-shirt graphics, illustration, cd covers, posters and conceptual pieces. The Fine Art section of the site contains photos of my painting done with acrylic. The artwork has been done on various surfaces and sizes.

Drop in and have a looksy at some great Fine Art and Photography from one of my favorite artists. Some really ill stuff on here.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Ellay Khule/Rifleman-In My Own World(2006)

You know the bizness. Straight fire from the left coast styler Rifleman with production by Joe Dub and a guest spot from fellow blowdian Nocando.

01 Khule Breeze
02 Triflin'
03 Man Or Myth
04 Rock On
05 Old School Rap [Featuring] - Joe Dub
06 They Call Me Khule
07 Top Of The World
08 Men At Work
09 Interlude Breath Break
10 In My Own World
11 Stamp Em Anthem
12 Unlucky Rap [Featuring] - Nocando
13 Settle The Score
14 Universal
15 The Entertainer
16 Mr, Electricule
17 Khule Is Back Instrumental
18 Westpresent
19 Supherb Spit

Ruslan Feat. Blame One, Braille-Domesticated(2010)

Happy Fathers Day to all my fellow daddy's out there holdin it down for there families.

Banksy-Wall And Piece(E Book)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Gigantics-Die Already(2008)

"The Gigantics is a five-man production team assembled by Onry Ozzborn (a.k.a. Reason and Count Draven of Grayskul/Oldominion). Die Already is their debut and features the voices of over 50 of the most influential and talented people in independent Hip Hop today..."

"Among the many outstanding individuals appearing here are Aesop Rock, Murs, Mr. Lif (Def Jux), Swollen Members, Eligh (of Living Legends), Pigeon John (Quannum), P.O.S. (Rhymesayers), Solillaquist of Sound, Josh Martinez, and Awol One."


01.Die Already
02.The Explanation ft. Aesop Rock, Onry & Eligh
03.Ball & Chain of Squares ft. SOl.Illaquists Of Sound
04.Biological Nothing ft. Xperience & Macklemore
05.Memories ft. JFK
06.Ghettoblastertelevision ft. Onry & Sleep
07.Mr. Anaya ft. P.O.S. & Onry
08.10 Brovas Strong ft. Cancer Rising & Pale Soul
09.Keep Walking ft. StepCousins
10.Safe ft. Vursatyl, Silas Blak & LMNO
11.Shut Up ft. Murs, Vitamin D & Mr. Lif
12.The Redtown ft. Onry, Barfly & Cool Nutz
13.Grownfolks ft. Candidt, Nyqwil & Anaxagorous
14.So You Suffer ft. Swollen Members
15.Memory Loss ft. Onry, Mis 'Fatale & Pigeon John
16.Deadpeoplepeprally ft. Onry, Awol One & Alexis D. Fultz
17.Slicktalk ft. Onry, Karim & Gold
18.Poor Thing ft. Josh Martinez
19.Medicine ft. Onry Ozzborn, N8 The Gr8 & Pricy
20.Faingool ft. Azrael, Syndel & Gold
21.Don't ft. 2mex, Iame & Coley Cole
22.Electric Men ft. Destro, Brad B & Snafu
23.Time's Still Up ft. PeGee13, Ecaj & Mako
24.Las Vegas Swimming Pool ft. ft. Sapient & Qwel

Banksy & Danger Mouse-Paris HMV Prank Mix(2006)

01. Danger Mouse & Banksy - That's Hot

Remember this prank street artist Banksy pulled off in 2006? He got 500 albums by Paris Hilton from HMV stores, replaced the original discs with a mix by him and producer Danger Mouse, re-did the artwork and put the albums back in the shelves. So 500 customers who bought the album by Paris Hilton (shame on them), got fooled by this guerilla action. That's hot and genius.