Monday, August 3, 2009

Dj Pain-Road To Oblivion

Lets start things off correct with a soundscape from Dj Pain. This is Definitely My Favorite mix to date from Dj Pain. He always seems to be a couple five years ahead of the curve. So if your looking to catch up in the realm of drum heavy hip hop beats, this is where you would do it. There are classics like Attica Blues and Dj Vadim to newer beatsmiths, such as Elektro4 and MHE. The backbone of dark and ecstatic drum music is entertained by a very thoughtful and cinematic storyline with some pretty serious political overtones. Pain's seemless mixing and rinsing style will leave you scratching your head, pondering if that really just happened. It Did! There is anger, comfort, peace, angst, wreckogning and redemption in these 65 minutes of pure genius. Whether your a dj, producer, emcee, artist or music enthusiast, your going to more than enjoy this mix...

01. Blue Sky Black Death - Dream Of Dying
02. Carlo - Grace Au Laigneur
03. Egadz - KidWithoutRadio
04. MHE - 005
05. Jel - All Around
06. Elektro4 - Daily Medication
07. DJ Abilities - Star Destroyer (Instrumental)
08. MHE - 006
09. Four Tet - A Joy
10. Controller 7 - I Tried To Speak, But Couldn't
11. Mums The Word - They Wanna Rap (Instrumental)
12. Omega One - Momento
13. MHE - 002
14. Telephone Jim Jesus - Blue In The Face
15. Dextah - Quite The Revelation
16. Attica Blues - Tender (20,000 Leagues Mix)
17. Controller 7 - Reactionary
18. Pedro - Fear & Resilience (Cherrystones Remix)
19. Elektro4 - Three Views Of A Secret
20. DJ Vadim - English Breakfast (Instrumental)
21. Reanimator - Much Better
22. RJD2 - The Horror
23. Company Flow - Friend Vs. Friend
24. Dextah - Untitled #541
25. Dday One - Dust Ritual
26. Meaty Ogre - 18th And Wood
27. Enduser - Familiar Taste Of Blood

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