Sunday, August 16, 2009

Dj Pain-Mo Ninja Fudge(2009)

This latest Pain mix takes us back to the late 90's with some classic downtempo cuts. As the mix title states, this is from the golden era of downtempo cuts on Mo Wax, Ninja Tune and Jazz Fudge. This mix was influenced and featured on the legendary Solid Steel Radio Show. The selection seems to show a lighter side of Pain we rarely see in his mixes ,but still arranged and mixed in true Pain fashion. As an old school Mo wax and Ninja fan this mix really conjures up great memories and good feelings...Blessings...Enjoy

1.Skalpel - High - Ninja Tune
2.Unkle - Garage Piano - Mo Wa
3.Max 404 - ‘Quiddity’
4.Last Visit - Mo Wax
5.Folk Implosion - Simean Groove - Mo Wax
6.Prelude To Cycle 6 - Rectangular Depression - Jazz Fudge
7.RPM - 2000 - Mo Wax
8.DJ Food - Cosmic Jam - Ninja Tune
9.London Funk Allstars - Beats Part 1 All Star Theme - Ninja Tune
10.Up Bustle & Out - Ninja Principality - Ninja Tune
11.London Funk Allstars - Mad Love - Ninja Tune
12.DJ Toolz - Busty Goes Gaga - Ninja Tune
13.9 Lazy 9 - Black Jesus - Ninja Tune
14.Up Bustle & Out - Y Ahora Tu - Ninja Tune
15.Tommy Guerero - As The Sea Holds Creatures - Mo Wax
16.Malcom Catto - Raydio - Mo Wax
17.Little Aida - Who Are U Boy - Jazz Fudge
18.Vadim - Sound Colourisation - Ninja Tune
19.Vadim - My Radio - Ninja Tune
20.Cold Cut - More Beats & Pieces (live in koln) - Ninja Tune
21.Super Numeri - The Coastal Bird Scene Part 3 - Ninja Tune