Friday, August 21, 2009


On Colma, trailblazing guitarist, Buckethead creates a captivating album of instrumental brilliance. With the help of a few friends, notably Bill Laswell and drummer Brain, Buckethead has molded an album mixing emotional depth with innovative technique while exploring new musical avenues. As Gavin puts it, "The music on Colma will have you floating somewhere between the outer limits of the Twilight Zone and the inner realms of the universal subconscious." Colma represents the quieter side of Buckethead's varied repertoire, but proves the man can do it all.

This is one of my favorite Buckethead albums. The tracks on this album are so emotionally strong and cinematic. Colma seems to have a more Hip Hop/Downtempo feel throughout and will leave you lost in your own head. I think of Buckethead as being one of the greatest guitar players from our generation and this is a great piece from his discography.

Buckethead - Guitars, Bass.Brain - Drums, Loops
DJ Disc - Appears on "Machete", "Hills Of Eternity" and "Lone Sal Bug"
Bill Laswell - Bass on "Machete", Production
Teri Untalan - Cello & Viola on "Wondering" and "Lone Sal Bug"

2.For Mom
4.Hills Of Eternity
5.Big Sur Moon
7.Wishing Well
8.Lone Sal Bug
11.Watching The Boats With My Dad
12.Ghost/Part 2

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