Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bonobo-Black Sands(2010)

Tracklist :
01. Prelude
02. Kiara
03. Kong
04. Eyesdown (feat. Andreya Triana)
05. El Toro
06. We Could Forever
07. 1009
08. All In Forms
09. The Keeper (feat. Andreya Triana)
10. Stay The Same (feat. Andreya Triana)
11. Animals
12. Black Sands

Dj Drez & Zaire Black-Panoramic Utopia(2007)

01 01:11 A Taste
02 03:51 One Two
03 02:33 Dying Breed
04 01:42 Free
05 03:25 Day's Work
06 00:29 Vibe Interlude
07 01:39 That Vibe Pt. 1
08 03:48 That Vibe Pt. 2
09 05:09 Damn Girl
10 02:15 Tomorrow
11 04:19 Come Again (Ft. Nikko)
12 00:29 East Interlude
13 02:56 Now
14 03:26 Earth
15 03:49 Sah Jahta
16 02:05 Reclear (Ft. Marty Williams)
17 03:18 Words

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Free The Robots-Ctrl Alt Delete(2010)

Free The Robots "Ctrl Alt Delete" Promo Video #3 from Alpha Pup on Vimeo.

Alpha Pup Records is proud to announce the release of Ctrl Alt Delete, the debut album from Free The Robots. A staggering work of mind-warping electronics, fuzzed-out psych and devastating hip-hop beats, the impending release of Ctrl Alt Delete will catapult Free The Robots to the forefront of the world renowned L.A. beat scene.

Ctrl Alt Delete, which also features Ikey Owens of The Mars Volta, has been a long time coming. Originally signed to Alpha Pup over two years ago, Free The Robots has put his heart and soul into this album. Meticulously constructed, the album is a culmination of countless late nights at Low End Theory Club, combined with a spirit of fearless experimentation. The result rattles with grit and swagger -- a firm proclamation of Free The Robot's sonic arrival.

New Mp3 Orion's Belt Buckle

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Convenience Store-Apt. 227(2007)

Freshness from La 2 The Bay featuring Tommy V., Neila And EVS.

The Deathstare Tour 2010

Yo Get Out There and Catch A Show Kids!

Mar 23 2010 9:00P
Change the Beat @ SOM W/ Egadz, Edison , Mophono, Dibiase & More San Fransisco, California
Mar 25 2010 8:00P
Rainshadow W/ Edison & Dj Egadz - ALL AGES EARLY SHOW!!! Reno, Nevada
Mar 26 2010 7:00P
Someone Clothing & Art Gallery W/ Edison & Dj Egadz Portland, Oregon
Mar 27 2010 9:00P
Ella St. Social Club W/Edison & Egadz Portland, Oregon
Mar 30 2010 10:00P
Lo-Fi Lounge W/ Edison & Egadz Seattle, Washington
Mar 31 2010 9:00P
The Palace Lounge W/ Edison & Dj Egadz Missoula, Montana
Apr 1 2010 6:00P
In Store @ Palmer Cash Boise, Idaho
Apr 1 2010 8:00P
Neurolux W/ Edison & Egadz Boise, Idaho
Apr 2 2010 9:00P
Bunkhouse W/ Edison & Egadz + Evers McGee + Whatfour Las Vegas, Nevada
Apr 3 2010 3:00P
In Store @ Access Music W/ Edison & Egadz San Diego, California
Apr 4 2010 9:00P
@ Kava Lounge Feat - Skrapez w/ Edison & Egadz San Diego, California
Apr 6 2010 10:00P
No Pause @ Worthington’s Tavern W/ Edison & Egadz Riverside, California
Apr 30 2010 9:00P
Kill Your Pop Festival Dijon, France, Bourgogne
May 5 2010 8:00P
Twenty One Pub W/ Egadz Paris, France
May 6 2010 9:00P
@ Bierhaus W/ Egadz Galway City, Ireland, Galway
May 8 2010 8:00P
DROP @ Fighting Cocks W/ Jon 1st w/ Egadz London and South East
May 13 2010 9:00P
DROP @ Hub Bar - feat. Egadz and Jon1st Leicester (Midlands), U.K.
May 15 2010 9:00P
@ De Onderbroek W/ Egadz Nijmegen, Holland
May 19 2010 9:00P
Az Conni Dresden, Germany
May 21 2010 9:00P
@ Sedel W/ Egadz Lucerne, Switzerland
May 22 2010 9:00P
Raum Terrassenweg W/ Egadz Berne, Switzerland
May 28 2010 11:00P
Le Cri de la Mouette W/ Egadz Tolouse, Midi-Pyrénées, France


There are very few emcees that are able to traverse those unforgiving outer realms of creative bounds without fear but among those courageous few stands the celebrated LA emcee, Gajah ( Ever since he emerged on the scene in the mid 90’s as a founding member of the seminal group Acid Reign, Gajah has astounded underground hip hop audiences with his barbarous aural assaults and choppy incantations from worlds unimagined. The
Missleaneous EP is his first release on Briefcase Rockers It’s a short collection of the new sounds hes using as a launchpad to tomorrow.

01 01:05 Launch Impact
02 03:32 Kerplunk
03 01:40 Blackhole
04 02:31 Baggage Ft. Shaunise
05 02:44 Pistoleros Ft. Myk Mansun
06 03:31 Breakfast Shoplift Ft. Myk Mansun
07 03:45 2 The Hard Way Ft. Express
08 03:44 The Fizz
09 04:18 Missleaneous

Z Man-Show Up Shut Up And Rap(2010)

<a href="">Going Hard- Ft. Cuts by Eddie Def by MACHETE VOX</a>