Sunday, August 9, 2009

Zillatron-Lord Of The Harvest(1993)

Wow! What a great album. Look at the credits and that should give you a pretty good idea of where this album is gonna go. Oh and it goes!

...a cyberfunk creation by Bootsy Collins and Bill Laswell, driving funk into the virgin territories of ambient, hardcore, techno and beyond, with Praxis bandmates Buckethead and Bernie Worrell-a sonic landscape of the gradual apocalypse.

Zillatron*Fuzzface*Bootsy Collins- spaced bass, voices, samples, beats
Bernie Worrell - electric piano, Hammond B3, synthesizers
Buckethead - electric & acoustic guitars
Bill Laswell - ambient sounds and noises
Grandmaster Melle Mel - chant
Umar Bin Hassan - chant
Debra Barsha, Kristen Gray, Momma Collins, Brenda Holloway, Patti Willis - back vocals

1. C.B.I. Files (Collins) - 2:09)
2. Bugg Lite (Collins) - 6:19
3. Fuzz Face (Collins) - 7:56
4. Exterminate (Laswell) - 2:37
5. Smell the Secrets (Laswell, Collins, Buckethead) - 3:02
6. Count Zero (Laswell, Collins) - 5:57
7. Bootsy & the Beast (Laswell, Collins, Buckethead) - 5:11
8. No Fly Zone (The Devil's Playground) (Collins) - 6:56
9. The Passion Continues (Laswell, Collins, Buckethead) - 5:03

Props to OP Holmes for this One.

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