Tuesday, August 4, 2009


These cats are sick with it. One of my favorite releases of 2009 so far. These guys have remained quite the mystery for years. I dont know a whole lot about them except their from San Diego and they make dope beats. What I do know is they like drums and have in my opinion some of the dopest live and programmed drums out right now. They have a very dark minamalist style, they twist alot of knobs and they record very well. This album has some previously released tracks from sound in color comps a rework off there MRR-ADM 10" and some previously unreleased cuts. Cant wait for their new one...
Limited to 600 pressings.Licensed courtesy of Sound In Color.Southern Californian production team Michael Raymond Russell and Adam Douglas Manella (MRR-ADM), formerly known as MHE, have self-released one 10″ EP. In the past, they have collaborated with the likes of Ghostface Killah, Malcolm Catto and Mike Burnham. They are currently working on their debut album for Now-Again. ADM finds time to moonlight as Now-Again’s web-director...


1. MHE045 (3:31)
2. MHE005 (3:27)
3. MHE011 (5:54)
4. MHE012 (2:35)
5. MHE008 (2:27)
6. MHE003 (2:17)
7. MHE001 (Extended) (2:46)
8. MHE009 (2:33)
9. MHE006 (2:50)
10. MHE010 (2:38)
11. MHE007 (2:53)
12. MHE002 (Extended) (3:10)


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