Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Debmaster-Monster Zoo(2005)

This French produer baked up a real nice Electro Hip Hop Album right here. Some great and different Hip Hop production on "Monster Zoo". Real hard and quirky Electro beats with MC's such as Existereo, Innaspace, Sach, Inoe Oner, Subtitle, Bleubird, Curse Ov Dialect and more.

Tracklist :
01. La fuite
02. Universal bigot eliminators feat. Curse ov Dialect
03. Angine
04. Xplode feat. The Whyknows (Existereo & Innaspace)
05. March of the monsters
06. Digi (2020) feat. Name Science (Inoe Oner & Sach)
07. Bombergirl
08. Skinnerd feat. Bleubird
09. Fashion in hell
10. Raw deal feat. Subtitle
11. 3 bros
12. Asile story feat. Donkishot
13. Push the pressure
14. Jenny feat. Maitre Vitalis
15. Bison rock

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