Sunday, December 20, 2009

Dj Pain-Dear Orchid(2001)


Alot of sites, blogs and message boards are following the fruits of Dj Pain nowadayz. What you probably dont have is THIS mix titled "Dear Orchid". This live mix from 2001 sets the precedent for Pain's uncanny ability to meld our favorite genre's of music into a storyboard and then complete it with a ready, polished and finished product. This is a piece of his catalog that is quite rare unless you are a friend of Pain or live in San Diego. "Dear Orchid" gives a glimpse into where he has been and where he is going. An ode to the lady of his life, Orchid One, his inspiration, support and strength. Including an exclusive Blame One intro verse on top of a Dj Artistic Heater, this mix starts off with a bang and carries a truck full of energy and emotions throughout. Pain Is a real down to earth DJ with extrodaniry talent, who works, sweats and bleeds for our music community. Enjoy!

Bibio-Ambivalence Avenue(2009)

01. Ambivalence Avenue
02. Jealous Of Roses
03. All The Flowers
04. Fire Ant
05. Haikuesque (When She Laughs)
06. Sugarette
07. Lovers' Carvings
08. Abrasion
09. S'Vive
10. The Palm Of Your Wave
11. Cry! Baby!
12. Dwrcan

Sach-Suckas Hate Me(2002)

1. Suckas Play My Back
2. Black Earth
3. Miracle
Scratches - J-Sumbi
4. Uh 3, Uh 2, 1
Featuring - Suga B*
5. For The Love Of Hip Hop
Featuring - Medusa (4)
6. Triangle
Featuring - Imeuswe*
7. Illustrations
Featuring - Zagu Brown
8. Introducing The Topology Crew
Featuring - Topology Crew
9. Doin' The Most
10. On Courting: A Phonograph And A Mic
11. I Live On
12. Illustations (Remix)
Remix - Omid

Buddy Peace-Sudden Death Blues(SFR Winter Podcast 2009)

This is an hour long music mix put together by SFR’s resident DJ, Buddy Peace! Download it for free and let it keep you warm on these cold winter nights. Not only is this a smorgasbord of genre bending blends and obscure soundbites but Buddy Peace acts as a narrator throughout. It’s wicked cute.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Awol One & Mike Nardone-Speakerface

One of my favorite Walrus albums.

1. Hello
2. I Guess
3. Sleepin' All Day
4. Eye Am feat. Abstract Rude
5. Galaxy
6. NME feat. Kool Keith & 2Mex
7. Kiss Yourself Destruction
8. Keep The Rats Movin'
9. MTV is the Bible
10. Smile of a Bruise
11. Dew Yew No feat. Abstract Rude
12. Klammy
13. The Ugly
14. Like a Bullett
15. Skye
16. Abortion Theme Song feat. Aceyalone
17. Party's Over
18. The Last Song
19. Goodbye

Blood Of Abraham-Eyedollartree(2000)

A1 Know The Half
A2 Only The Wise
A3 99¢ Lighter Feat. Will I Am
A4 Paranoia Is Awareness
B5 Velvet Glove Iron Fist
B6 Tion
B7 Calling All Citizens Feat. Will I Am
C8 Hurricane
C9 Rosetta Stone
C10 Giant Midgets
D11 Eyedollartree
D12 (Dangerous) Diseases
D13 Omegaton Feat. Divine Styler & Kool Keith

Mr. Brady-Dusty Baker(2002)

A San Diego Underground classic with an all SD lineup. Production by Mike Czech and Mr. Brady. Cuts by H.O.P. and Mike Czech. And a guest emcee spot by Tony Da Skitzo. This one's a straight banger.

Glen Porter-I Alone(2008)

Glen Porter is a beatsmith out of the Southern California Desert area. Beautiful minamalist guitar laden beats on what I beleive to be his first full length release. Watch out for this Project Mooncircle affiliate in his very bright future.

01 6813
02 and death of
03 awrld
04 broadcast
05 interlude 1
06 interlude 2
07 glen porter
08 i alone
09 i sat alone
10 nollida
11 satire
12 she cries
13 slowburn
14 sunset
15 the life
16 transient

Thavius Beck-Dialogue(2009)

Some fresh abstract Hip Hop vibes from the reinvented man from Global Phlotations.

Friday, December 18, 2009


“Skrapez is founded by Jonathan Calzo aka 10shun and are based in San Diego, CA. They do all kinds of fucked up beats mixed up with turntablism. The Skrapez crew give us skillful scratching with distorted sound pictures which are usally bad, but still gives us a real feel of underground sense. You need to listen openminded or you probably will be offended by their style.”


1. Intro
2. Eight Arms (Onry, JFK, Smoke, Destro, Bishop I, Sleep, Whraggz &Pale Soul)
3. Quicksand (Destro, Snafu & Nyqwil)
4. Frozen (Sleep, JFK, Snafu, Smoke, Destro & Onry)
5. Rapture (Akil & Pale Soul)
6. Four Horsemen (Nyqwil, Onry, Destro, Bishop I, Anaxagorus, JFK, Smoke & Syndel)
7. A Thief In The Night (Pale Soul & Sleep)
8. The Areas (Onry, Anaxagorus & Destro)
9. Final Chapter (Foralax, Pale Soul, Myth, L'sewhere, Sleep, Bishop I, Smoke, Onry & Syndel)
10. No Pain (Onry & JFK)
11. Hendrix (Onry, JFK, Foralax & Bishop I)
12. Miss Loreta Lorraine (Onry, Bishop I, Sleep & Smoke)
13. Interlude
14. Replacement Killers (Onry, Bishop I, Pale, JFK & Sleep)
15. Consequences (Snafu, Sleep, Destro, Pale, Nyqwil & Onry)
16. Manifest Destiny (Onry, Snafu, Smoke, Destro, Bishop I, Sleep, Peli & Becky)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Op Holmes House(2009)

Yo...Check out my mane's Blog out of the North West. OP holds it down with choice selection and some real rarities. There's no favoritism to any genre here, beats for days. Whether your rippin' loads, cleanin' your house or driven down the freeway. This dude has a knack for selecting the soundtrack while your life rolls on. Real nice catalog PEEP GAME!

Mu.sic-Sound In Color Compilation

MHE, GB, Exile and Much, Much More. Don't Deny Yourself The Pleasures, Grab It!

4hero-Play With the Changes(2007)

01. Morning Child (feat. Carina Anderson)
02. Take My Time (feat. Jack Davey)
03. Look Inside (feat. Face)
04. Sink Or Swim (feat. lady alma)
05. Give In (feat. Darien Brockington And Little Brother)
06. Play With The Changes (feat. Larry Mizell And Talita Long)
07. Something In The Way (feat. Bembe Segue And Kaidi Tatham)
08. Stoke Up The Fire (feat. Face)
09. Awakening (feat. Ursula Rucker)
10. Sophia
11. Superwoman (feat. Terry D)
12. Why Dont You Talk
13. Bed Of Roses (feat. Jody Watley)
14. Dedication To The Horse

The West Coast


40winks-Extended Pleasure EP(2005)

40Winks is a 2 member crew from Belgium consisting of Padmo & Weedy. Their debut vinyl release, Extended Pleasure is a testament to their blunted, melodic, downtempo hip-hop. On this EP, 40Winks showcases instrumental hip-hop tracks that arent just tracks that lack lyrics. Tracks such as Producers Beware, Melancholia and Wishing Upon a Beat keep the listeners attention by creating a thematic edge, meticulously dropping clever sound bites, scratches and jazz licks. The music is very much jazz on the turntables + MPC, shifting moods that are dynamic and versatile, yet relaxing and chill.

Birdy Nam Nam-Manual For Successful Rioting(2009)

01. Red Dawn Rising
02. Trans Boulogne Express
03. War Paint
04. Bonne Nouvelle
05. Love Your Ennemy (Kill Your Friends)
06. Worried
07. Manual For Successful Rioting
08. Space Cadet Apology
09. Shut Up
10. Homosexuality
11. The Parachute Ending

Removed Upon Request

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Bombay Bicycle Club-The Boy I Used to Be EP(2007)

1.The Hill
2.Cancel On Me
4.Open House

Emancipator-It Will be Cold Enough Soon

1 Eve
2 Soon It Will Be Cold Enough To Build Fires
3 First Snow
4 Wolf Drawn
5 Anthem
6 Smoke Signals
7 When I Go
8 Periscope Up
9 With Rainy Eyes
10 Good Knight
11 Lionheart
12 Maps
13 Father King
14 The Darkest Evening Of The Year

Artifacts-Between A Rock And A Hard Place(1994)

Drama (Mortal Kombal Fatality)
C'mon Wit da Git Down
Wrong Side of da Tracks
Heavy Ammunition
Attack of New Jeruzalum
Notty Headed Nigguhz
Flexi With da Tech(nique)
Cummin' Thru Ya F-Kin Block (feat. Redman of Def Squad)
Lower da Boom
What Goes On
Dynamite Soul
Whassup Now Muthaf-Ka?
C'mon Wit da Git Down (feat. Busta Rhymes of Flipmode Squad) (Buckwild Remix) a Rock And A Hard

Doubles Tricks Anyone? - Between a Rock and a Hard Place Instrumentals.rar

Awol One & Factor-Back Then Ft. Gregory Pepper,Ceschi(2009)

From the new Awol One & Factor album "Owl Hours."

The Coup-Kill My Lanlord(2003)

The Coup is a political hip hop group based in Oakland, California. It formed as a three-member group in 1992 with rappers Raymond "Boots" Riley and E-Roc along with DJ Pam the Funkstress. Another West Coast Classic.

1. Dig It!
2. Not Yet Free
3. Fuck A Perm
4. The Coup
5. I Know You
6. I Ain't The Nigga
7. Last Blunt
8. Funk
9. Liberation Of Lonzo Williams
10. Pam's Song
11. Fo Da Money
12. Foul Play
13. Kill My Landlord

Z-Man-Dope Or Dog Food(2004)

Real life party music for the Soul. Odes to Alcohol, Drugs, Rhymes, White Girls, Debauchery, Dancing, Love, Religion, Life and other Good Stuff on this one by Z Mainey Relly.