Friday, August 27, 2010

Blame One-Stick Up(2010)

The first leak off Blame's highly anticipated full length album "Endurance" dropping November 9th 2010. Once again the North County Don is coming with the heat, wylin' out on a Tranzformer beat. BRRRRR Ha Ha Its a Stick Up!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Acid Reign-Ready Yet?(2003)

This was the last Acid Reign project with Olmeca and one of my favorites. Shits Hord.

1 Intro Featuring - Antoinette, Skillborn
2 Surprise
3 Broken English Scratches - DJ ESP
4 Just A Poem
5 Stagnant
6 Move A Little
7 Visual Exploration Scratches - DJ ESP
8 How Many?
9 Guillotine
10 Now What?
11 Interlude Featuring - P.E.A.C.E.
12 No Strings
13 Universal Gallery

V/A-Impeach The Precedent(2005)

Impeach The Precedent is a compilation of soul, funk and hip-hop music that was commissioned and collected to impart the idea of changing protocols and paradigms—to Impeach The Precedent in society. This is first AUTHORIZED sequel in the Funky Precedent benefit compilation series, dedicated to providing REAL soul music and REAL results for national charities that move us. Proceeds from Impeach The Precedent are being donated to The Rainforest Action Network. campaigns for the planets inhabitants and the natural systems that sustain life by transforming the global marketplace through grassroots organizing, anti-corporate education and non-violent direct action.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Odd Nosdam-Mixtape Super Delux (Anticon Podcast) (2008)

A handmade mix of music straight off the turntable, featuring pieces of records by Shirley Ellis, The Sandpipers, Lightning Bolt, Phil Manzanera, the Melvins and more. Shits Hord!

Factor and Gregory Pepper team up for some psychedelic tongue and cheek fun.

1. Thank God It's Monday (feat. Kool Keith)
2. Churchill's Black Dog
3. The Great Depression (feat. Ceschi)
4. All The Pawn
5. At the Grindcore Show
6. Down With The Ship
7. Big Marquee
8. Please Stop
9. Safe Word Play
10. Magic Beans (feat. Ceschi)
11. Hannibal Lecture
12. Purgatory Rock and Roll

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Emanon (Aloe Blacc & Exile)- Anon & On EP(2002)

1. What You Live For
2. The Price - Pt.2
3. Blind Love
4. Runaway
5. Nature Of The Beast
6. What Can I Do
7. Detour
8. A Day In Exile
9. What You Live For (Instrumental)
10. The Price - Pt.2 (Instrumental)
11. Blind Love (Instrumental)
12. Runaway (Instrumental)
13. Nature Of The Beast (Instrumental)
14. What Can I Do (Instrumental)
15. Detour (Instrumental)

Monday, August 9, 2010

Goldenchyld-Live In San Diego(2007)

Live recording of Goldenchyld's opening set in San Diego for Z-Trip's Shifting Gears Tour.

Dj Rob One-Hip Hop Can't Be Stopped

Remember the days of trying to put together a 90 min tape, 45 minutes each side. The hiss, the challenge, the purity, the dread of chunking 35 minutes in and rewinding all the way to the begining to start over. The fruition of hours upon hours of wearing out the grooves on your favorite cuts. This process has bred the best of DJ's. It was one takes, no computer chopping and splicing just unadulterated DJing. If you missed this era I am sorry. In some sort of way your lucky, but I would never trade those tedious hours of recording to tape in my bedroom as a kid.

So here's a nice tape by Dj Rob One (CBS, Shape Shifters). This shit's on the level.

R.I.P. Rob One

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Dj Pain-Remembering Tomorrow(2010)

Via Rhythym Incursions:

I’m very happy to welcome back DJ Pain to the Rhythm Incursions airwaves, in association with our good friends at Mondayjazz.

Regular listeners should be no stranger to Pain, who I believe holds the dubious title of most featured guest mixer by the way and is responsible for such mix gems as ‘Road To Oblivion’ and ‘The Day The Earth Stood Still’. You can check all his past offerings here and ‘The Day The Earth Stood Still’ here (for some reason it’s not in our archive).

I hooked up with him a few months back when he came through town on a tour of Europe, and in between catching up and talking about life he mentioned a new mix he’d finished last year and which he wanted to get out. It was a no brainer for us, and we managed to also get the guys at Mondayjazz involved after they mentioned they were big fans as well.

So ladies and gentlemen here is the latest DJ Pain mix, Remembering Tomorrow a 70 mins psych rock trip assembled as only the man can with a plethora of spoken samples that weave a story as fascinating as the music. And before anyone asks there is no tracklist.

The show is available to download, and stream, here and on the Mondayjazz site. Remember the best way to get the latest shows is to subscribe to our RSS or iTunes feeds or our newsletter.

For more on Pain check his website and stay tuned for another mix from him in the near future. In the meantime enjoy this musical roadtrip. Much love to Pain for hooking us up and to Mondayjazz for arranging the artwork courtesy of Grape Frogg.

Eligh & Magi(TS)-The Brothers Grime

The Brothers Grime is the limited edition project by Eligh & Magi (aka Tom Slick or TS).The album has six original songs with Eligh rhyming over his and Magi's beats, instrumental tracks by both, and then some mixtape style tracks (with Eligh rapping over other people's beats). "Grime" in the title refers to the fast, double time, bounce style which will definitely keep you on your toes.

1. ?!?!
2. Saving Face (feat. Basik)
3. French Class Antics
4. Score First
5. LA Disciple
6. Angels Gavels
7. Brothers Bridge
8. Syndication
9. Hot Asphalt Grime
10. Greycrow Mix Up
11. Love Thrice
12. Rebel Sound
13. Super Heavy Slack
14. Grown Refix (feat. Mystic)
15. Why? Refix (feat. Goapele) & Magi(TS)-The Brothers Grime.rar

Wiley-Treadin On Thin Ice(2004)

The new sound of the British inner city sits somewhere between ragga, U.S. rap, U.K. garage, and jungle. Dizzee Rascal was the first artist to bring this up from the underground, but he's not the last. Wiley, one of the most respected producers in his field, has been involved in the underground scene for years. Once part of the Pay As U Go cartel in the late 90's, he went on to form the Roll Deep Crew (once boasting Dizzee Rascal as a member). In the past two years alone, he's released 24 singles and countless collaborations and remixes. He's also behind the hugely popular "Eskimo Dance" raves, regularly attended by thousands in London.

1. Game, The
2. Pick U R Self Up - (featuring Breeze/J2K & Riko)
3. Wot Do U Call It?
4. Eskimo (Interlude)
5. Goin' Mad
6. Doorway
7. Special Girl
8. Avalanche (Interlude)
9. Reasons
10. Got Somebody
11. Pies
12. Ice-Rink (Interlude)
13. Next Level - (featuring J2K/Tinchy Stryder/Kano)
14. Treddin' on Thin Ice
15. I Was Lost