Saturday, September 5, 2009


Adam "Doseone" Drucker - vocals and samples
Jeffrey "Jel" Logan - sampling drum machine
Jordan Dalrymple - drums, guitar, synth and vocals
Dax Pierson - vocals, keyboards/synths, harmonica, autoharp
Marton Dowers - winds, synth
Alexander Kort - electric cello

A real nice CD of Live recordings from The "WASHERE" Tour. If your looking for some live Abstract Indie Hip Hop. Look no further...

1. Flying Horse Plans (LA Knitting Factory)
2. Songmeat (Demo)
3. Silence... (Live At The Mansion)
4. Take To Take (Original Improv)
5. Eneby Kurs (Live At The Mansion)
6. Luck&Fear (LA Knitting Factory)
7. Providence (Original Improv)
8. F.K.O. (LA Knitting Factory)
9. Tez Was Here (Point Ephemere, Paris)
10. Swanmeat (Live At The Mansion)
11. Providence (Original Improv Pt II)

Thanks to Sniper

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