Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Dynospectrum-The Dynospectrum(1998)

Conceived by Rhymesayers Entertainment emcee and co-founder Beyond (Musab), the Dynospectrum was the only album the "group" released in the history of the label. Including Beyond, the group also consisted of Headshots crew members Slug (of Atmosphere), Swift (of Phull Surkle) and I Self Devine (of Atlanta, Georgia's Micranots crew). They performed under the pseudonyms General Woundwart, Sept Sev Sev Two, Mr. Gene Poole and Pat Juba, respectively. The album was produced by Rhymesayers in-house beatsmith Ant (Anthony Davis of Atmosphere) who assumed the name Solomon Grundy for the project.

01 You Can Lose Your Mind
02 Introspectrum
03 Headphone Static
04 Permanent On Surfaces
05 Breath Of Fresh
06 The Wintermoon
07 Brief Interlude
08 Appearing Live
09 Southside Myth
10 Traction
11 Decompression Chamber
12 Evidence Of Things Not Seen
13 Superior Friends
14 I Wouldn't Want You To Die Uninformed
15 Tenfold
16 Anything Is Everything
17 Armor

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  1. this fucking album is a classic, best production ever!