Sunday, September 27, 2009

Restiform Bodies-Sun Hop Flat(2001)

Super sickee Electro-Psych Hip Hop Album With Passage on the raps and Telephone Jim Jesus and Bomarr The Monk on the beats and knobs. You wont be dissappointed if you Go cop the rest of the Restiform stuff as well as the solo joints from these exquisite producers and rapper. Always fresh music from these Psychedelic New Hampshire natives.

1One (1:29)
2Happy (1:24)
3Gate (3:57)
4Busy (Nobody's Perfect) (4:47)
5Cage (5:36)
6Kitten (1:41)
7Squirrel (1:37)
8Summer (4:05)
9Juicy (2:50)
10Bees (3:08)
11Giant (1:55)
12City (1:39)
13Squiggle (2:19)
14Scooter (3:21)
15Sraw Man Skate (2:23)
16Shrimp Sleep (4:23)
17Spellllig (7:45)
18Bye Bye (5:23)

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