Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Scott Matelik-Primitive Pessimist(2004)

Scott Matelic is an Indianapolis-based artist, who has produced tracks for artists such as Sage Francis, Sole, and Adeem and has released a 7” on Bully Records. Scott’s first solo album, Primitive Pessimist, appeared independently on Swallowed Speech Music in 2002 and was released in Japan in 2004 on Trieight Records.Scott frequently collaborates with DJ Paren under the monicker Multiform.

What a Superb album of beats and remixes...

01. Paraxysm 1
02. Ripple Effect
03. Broken Wings
04. Paraxysm 2
05. To Impress The Empress
06. Finding Away
07. Stargazing
08. Daylight-Twilight
09. Passin' Me By (remix)
10. Loss of Interest
11. No Wonder (remix)
12. Carefully Cordailly Subtly
13. Paraxysm 3

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