Saturday, September 5, 2009

Sole-Uck Rt(2001)

So as you can see, been going through the "S" files. Another "S" Banger from our favorite asthmatic rapper Sole. Dude may have trouble breathing, but he dont have a problem spittin fresh rhymes.

The story of fuck art is as follows....
Selling Live Water was initially to be produced solely by Alias. These were just songs I made in my house during that period.... stuff with nosdam and jel that wasnt gonna go on there.... so i took all the stuff i had laying around and made uckrt. Then, after the prodding of friends everyone thought i should take all the best stuff i had lying around and put it on "Selling Live Water" and it sounded like a good idea. Because I was moving forward with other projects I never bothered doing anything with this older stuff. Thats the story. I dont know how many copies i made of uckrt.... 500-1000.

1.Uckrt (1:53)
Producer - Conartist
2.Respect Pt. 3 (4:06)
Producer - Jel
3.Zero Zero Zero (2:30)
Cello [Electric] - Alex Kort* Producer - Leland* Rap [Featuring] - Dose*
4.Avantelonian (2:01)
Producer - Jel , Odd Nosdam , Sierra Nevada
5.Isnt It Sad? (3:51)
Producer - Alias (3) Rap [Featuring] - Passage
6.Puppetshow (3:10)
Producer - Mayo*
7a.I Have Since Moved On... Pt. 1 (10:05)
Producer - Controller7* , Jel , Sixtoo
7b.I Have Since Moved On... Pt. 2
Human Beatbox - Jel , Odd Nosdam
7c.I Have Since Moved On... Pt. 3
Producer - Matth
7d.Live In Phoenix With Jel
Featuring - Jel
8.Tha Realness Continuum (2:24)
Producer - Almighty Bomarr Monk, The*
9.Beyond Good And Non-Good (2:44)
Producer - Alias (3)
10.Sebago (4:50)
Producer - Jel
11.Salt On Everything (24:59)
Producer - Odd Nosdam

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