Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Psychonauts-Essential Mix(12-15-1996)

This is a almost 2 hour mix on BBC radio from the Psychonauts:

A three man crew on four turntables. I'm glad I didn't hear this mix til a couple of years ago, otherwise I probably would have just given up Djing All together in 96', knowing these guys were out there doing their thing. Simply Amazing.

Trans AM – “Firepoker” (City Slang)
11.59 – “TG” (Ticking Time)
Cheif XL – “Last Stop” (Mo’ Wax)
Marxman – “Sad Affair” (Talkin’ Loud)
Peanut Butter Wolf – “Lunar Props” (2 Kool)
Abyss – “Shadow” (Sec)
Nine – “Promo” (white label)
Beastie Boys – “Bohisattua Vow [instrumental]” (Mo’ Wax)
Major Force – “Last Orgy” (Major Force)
Stereo MCs – “What Is Soul [instrumental]” (4th & Broadway)
DJ Shadow – “Mutual Slump” (Mo] Wax)
Ultramagnetic MCs – “Chorus Line [instrumental]” (Next Plat)
Needle Thrashers – “Ill, You + Me = Naughty” (promo)
Wild Bunch – “The Look Of Love” (4th & Broadway)
Major Force – “Zenguin In Action” (Major Force)
DJ Krush – “KRB” (Mo’ Wax)
Indho – “Love Will Be On Your Side [Photek Mix]” (Mercury Music)
Rebel Crew – “Serpent” (promo)
DJ Krush – “Only The Strong Will Survive [Attica Blues Mix]” (Mo’ Wax)
The Root – “Clones” (Geffen)
Stereo MCs – “Devils Claw” (4th & Broadway)
Pressure Drop – “Back 2 Back” (C & P Big World)
Beatnuts – “Are You Ready [instrumental]” (bootleg)
Fed – “Cut Ridge” (Randall)
Major Force – “untitled” (Major Force)
Sven Can Hees – “Freak Ysthan” (Royal)
Love Corporation – “Cathedralls Of Glitter” (P & C Creation)
Nuphonic – “untitled” (white label)
Coldcut – “Beats & Pieces” (Big Life)
Howie B – “Undercover” (Polydor)
Massive Attack – “Sly (String Section)” (4th & Broadway)
DJ Cam – “promo” (Sony)
Automator – “Sleep” (Unbiquity Music)
Lewis Parker – “Rise” (Bite It)
Co-Flow – “promo” (white label)
DJ Shadow – “DJ Shadow Theme (solesides)” (Mo’ Wax)
DJ Shadow – “Midnight” (Mo’ Wax)
DJ Shadow – “Hardcore Inst. Hip Hop” (Mo’ Wax)
DR Octagon – “Bear Witness” (Mo’ Wax)
DJ Krush – “Meiso” (Mo’ Wax)
DJ Shadow – “Lost + Found” (Mo’ Wax)
Blackalicious – “Swan Lake Instrumental” (Mo’ Wax)
DJ Krush – “Duality” (Mo’ Wax)
Real Deal – “Headless Horseman” (Botchit & Scraper)
Massive Attack – “Daydreaming Inst.” (4th & Broadway)
Smith & Mighty & Kelus & Lynx – “Clash Of The Beasts” (3111)
Juc Force – “Strong Island” (Boy Boy)
Gangstarr – “untitled” (Chrysalis)
Jazz Grooves – “Huh” (B Balls)
EPMD – “So Whatcha Sayin” (Sleepin Bag)
Major Force – “Guess What” (Major Force)
Wost Wanted – “Calm Down” (Sutra)
Lamb – “Gorecki” (Fontana)
The Amalgamation – “Eric” (Filter)
Renegade Soundwave – “Phantom” (Mute)
Nicolette – “Waking Up” (Shup Up & Dance)
Local Zero – “Airbag” (Filter)
DJ Shadow – “The Numbers Song” (Mo’ Wax)
Beastie Boys – “Flute Loop Inst.” (Mo’ Wax)
Bjork – “I Miss You (Dobie Rub Pt 1)” (One Little Indian)
Gutter Snirfs – “Trial Of Life Inst.” (Libaty Grooves)
Unkle – “Berry Meditation” (Mo’ Wax)
Air – “Casanova 70” (Source Lab)
Brand Nubain – “Love Me Or Leave Me Alone” (Elektra)
Automator – “A Better Tommorrow” (Ubiquity)
Dust Brothers – “Save Me” (promo)
Roni Size – “Down” (Talking Loud)
DJ Die – “Stone Love” (promo)
Oasis – “Wonderwall” (Creation)
Major Force – “Return Of The Original Artform” (Major Force)
DJ Mink – “Hey Can You Relate” (WARP)
Stetsasonic – “Hip Hop Band” (Tommy Boy)
Tru Funk – “Early Beat” (3 Stripe Music)
Carlton – “Do You Dream” (ffrr)

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