Thursday, October 8, 2009

Silver Apples-Contact(1969)

This is a great psych album from the sixties that will mess your head up. The Silver Apples are a psychedelic electronic music duo from New York City composed of Simeon Coxe III, who performs as Simeon, on a primitive synthesizer of his own devising (also named The Simeon), and drummer Danny Taylor. The group was active between 1967 and 1969, before reforming in the mid 1990s. These dudes were way ahead of there time and layed the ground work for countless electro rock groups.

Contact is the second album by Silver Apples. The cover and inner artwork generated a lawsuit from Pan Am Airlines. The cover features the Silver Apples in a plane cockpit with drug paraphernalia and the inner artwork showed the band amongst a plane wreckage playing banjos. The lawsuits from Pan Am proved to be the demise of the band and the label KAPP Records, who could not endure the fatal series of lawsuits.

1."You and I"3:24
2."Water" 4:18
3."Ruby" 2:32
4."Gypsy Love"5:36
5."You're Not Foolin' Me"6:26
6."I Have Known Love"3:53
7."A Pox on You"5:11

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