Thursday, October 8, 2009

Flevans-Make New Friends(2004)

Flevans, the one man band coming out of Brighton, is a broad based multi instrumentalist. Having been classically trained in piano and double bass to grade seven, he went on to pick up the guitar, drums, and occasionally dabble in the mandolin. He managed to get signed to Tru Thoughts while bumming around in a college bong haze on the strength of a few tracks he made loading jazz and funk samples into a ten second sampler that was built into a mixer and laying them down, loop by loop, onto a cassette 4-track. To get signed to Quantic and Bonobo's label without a computer or working instruments, that is picture in the dictionary impressive.

1. Begin Again
2. Hey Mr Bundle
3. Me And My Moody
4. Get Caribou
5. Small Room Syndrome
6. Lay It Down
7. Dinner With Boskins
8. Out To Lunch
9. Definitive Sweep
10. Dumb Ballad

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