Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Bamboos-Step It Up(2006)

Since The Bamboos are getting mad love at FDH, I thought I would give you guys some more funk. Yeah Buddy.

The Bamboos were formed in 2000 in Melbourne Australia by NZ-born guitarist Lance Ferguson. The initial line-up consisted of Ferguson, Ben Grayson on Hammond Organ, Stuart Speed on Bass and Scott Lambie on Drums. Making their home at Tru Thoughts records (home to Quantic and Alice Russell) in 2005, The Bamboos debut album "Step it Up" was released jointly by Tru Thoughts and US-based Ubiquity Records. Its a winner.

01. Step It Up feat.Alice Russell
02. Tighten Up (Album Version)
03. In The Bamboo Grove
04. Golden Rough
05. Black Foot
06. Transcend Me feat.Alice Russell
07. Tobago Strut
08. Another Day In The Life Of Mr. Jones
09. Crooked Cop
10. Eel Oil
11. Voodoo Doll (Album Version


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  2. Hey it's not working anymore ! i would love to chill out to these funky tunes :D !