Thursday, October 15, 2009

Neila-Vertical Trees With Eternal Leaves(2003)

Emmerging from the talented life-spring of Los Angeles hip-hop artists is the Hawaii born lyricist Neila (Pronounced: Nay-La). In the midst of a culture clearly dominated by patriarchal poetry stands a female who is confident with her intensely personal lyrical content and straight up storytelling abilities. Her first full length album, "Vertical Trees with Eternal Leaves"(2003) is a testament to Neila's ability to run with the best of them as all sixteen tracks meld into one anticipatory breath that will definitely stand as a solid starting point for a career that is sure to become extremely prolific.

01-vertical trees with eternal leaves
02-rough tides
03-still waters
04-clock murderer
06-midnight shadows
07-love obscure
08-unintentional violence
09-ba-run main
10-evil complex
12-abused fiddle
14-gradual suicide
15-boarded windows
16-the dream

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