Friday, October 9, 2009

High Contrast-True Colors(2002)

Well then, Mr. Lincoln Barrett born in Pernath, Cardiff . Fun fact... The first time I met and saw his set...was in Cardiff,CA around 2002. What a Coincidence. What a great guy and Dj. The kid is sick with the gift. One of my favorite full length Drum N Bass Albums of all time. Lincoln seems to capture a cinematic and progressive feel to his sped up masterpieces, that will keep you encapsulated in a toe tappin' moondance. You cant help but to see, feel and hear the music of the funky future. Cause It Rocks My Body and It Moves My Soul!

"Return of Forever" – 8:19
"Music Is Everything" – 7:29
"True Colors" – 6:08
"Global Love" – 6:11
"Expos̩" Р6:20
"Passion" – 5:48
"Make It Tonight" – 6:25
"Remember When" – 7:17
"Savoir Faire" – 6:10
"Fools Gold" – 6:46
"Mermaid Scar" – 7:23.

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