Saturday, October 31, 2009

Necro-Gory Days(2001)

Happy Halloween My Ghouls and Goblins. What would Halloween be without a little Necro.

01. Bury You with Satan
02. World Gone Mad
03. Light My Fire
04. Circle of Tyrants (featuring Mr. Hyde, Goretex, Ill Bill and Captain Carnage)
05. Dead Body Disposal
06. You're All Dying
07. All Hotties Eat the Jizz
08. Scalpel
09. 12 King Pimp Commandments
10. Gory Days
11. Poetry in the Streets (featuring Ill Bill)
12. Don't Try To Ruin It (featuring The Kid Joe)
13. One Way or Another
14. Morbid
15. 24 Shots (Special Edition bonus track)
16. Violins of Violence (featuring Mr. Hyde, Special Edition bonus track)

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