Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Darkleaf-F*ck The People(2000)

Grown out of the legendary Unity Committee, Darkleaf has deep roots in the L.A. underground. The Unity Committee eventually split in two, one faction going on to form the Jurassic 5 while the others mined considerably different territory, creating the diverse, dystopian sound that characterizes F--- the People. As the title implies, this is a dark, often angry album. All five members take a turn at the mike, lending a wide range of perspectives -- from the philosophical to the paranoid.

01. Eclectic Storm
02. Word Bound
03. Sounds of Armageddon
04. Contact
05. Find Your Own
06. Spanish Fly
07. Topographic
08. Commercial
09. Triple Stages
10. Quotolude
11. Space / Time
12. Frame the Void
13. Love is Falling
14. Jahlude
15. Outro
16. Fuck the People

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