Friday, November 20, 2009

Money Mark-Brand New By Tommorow(2007)

Money Mark is the alias of Mark Ramos-Nishita, a keyboardist whose funky, retro-flavored riffs earned him the unofficial title of the fourth Beastie Boy. Born in Detroit to a Japanese-Hawaiian father and a Chicano mother, Nishita moved to the West Coast when he was six; some years later, he hooked up with the Dust Brothers production team and began overdubbing keyboards for the Delicious Vinyl label. While working as a handyman, Nishita accepted a job repairing the Beastie Boys' Silverlake, CA, home; soon, he became a pivotal member of the group's Grand Royal posse and performed on both 1992's Check Your Head and 1994's Ill Communication. Fast forward to 2007, when a shared association with none other than Jack Johnson -- via Beasties producer Mario Caldato, Jr. -- led the way to a contract with Johnson's Brushfire label and a new Money Mark pop album, Brand New by Tomorrow.

This is my favorite Folk-Pop album that's come out in the last couple of years. Over & Over & Over again, my lady loves it, my son loves it and I really love this album. It will grow on you. Big up all my Mexanese folk(or Japxicans). I love you JACER your my number one mutt!

01. Color Of Your Blues
02. Pick Up The Pieces
03. Summer Blue
04. Pretend To Sleep
05. My Loss, Your Gain
06. Everyday I Die A Little
07. Radiate Nothing
08. Black Butterfly
09. Nice To Me
10. Eyes That Ring
11. Brand New By Tomorrow

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