Saturday, November 28, 2009

Gandalfs Beat Machine-Level 3(2009)

Gandalf's Beat Machine: Level 3 is here! This instrumental project rounds out the trinity of the Gandalf's Beat Machine series. Clocking in at about an hour's length for 24 tracks, the album is filled with a sonically diverse landscape sprinkled with live guitar by frequent collaborator, Robert Miranda. The album is available through digital outlets and there will be CD's in January.

1. Dawn
2. To Be Alive
3. Green Miles
4. Strange L.A Girl
5. Hacker
6. The Legend
7. My Love Won't Stop
8. Desert Mines
9. Don't Leave Me
10. Kimmy's Doll House
11. Starscream
12. Pictures in Paint
13. Desicated
14. Breath
15. Missing the feeling
16. Throwback
17. All Breezy
18. The Yard
19. Clockwork
20. Ralley Up
21. Sunset Prowler
22. A Gypsy Theme
23. Looking Glass Tale
24. Dream of Me

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