Friday, November 20, 2009

Four Tet-Pause(2001)

Spawned from the urge to do something apart from his post-rock band Fridge, Kieran Hebden's Four Tet project balances organic and programmed sounds. Hebden formed Fridge with Sam Jeffers and Adam Ilhan while still in high school. When Fridge went on temporary hiatus for Jeffers and Ilhan to attend college, Hebden spent time playing with ideas gained from hip-hop and electronica that he hadn't had time for while concentrating on the band. Eager to experiment, Hebden bought a computer and began collecting drum and sound samples. Though his tracks sounded contrary, Hebden produced them all in his flat using only his computer to loop, slice, and paste downloaded samples and rhythms. This is a one of the results. Enjoy!

01. Glue Of The World
02. Twenty Three
03. Harmony One
04. Parks
05. Leila Came Round And We Watched A Video
06. Untangle
07. Everything Is Alright
08. No More Mosquitoes
09. Tangle
10. You Could Ruin My Day
11. Hilarious Movie Of The 90's

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