Monday, August 9, 2010

Dj Rob One-Hip Hop Can't Be Stopped

Remember the days of trying to put together a 90 min tape, 45 minutes each side. The hiss, the challenge, the purity, the dread of chunking 35 minutes in and rewinding all the way to the begining to start over. The fruition of hours upon hours of wearing out the grooves on your favorite cuts. This process has bred the best of DJ's. It was one takes, no computer chopping and splicing just unadulterated DJing. If you missed this era I am sorry. In some sort of way your lucky, but I would never trade those tedious hours of recording to tape in my bedroom as a kid.

So here's a nice tape by Dj Rob One (CBS, Shape Shifters). This shit's on the level.

R.I.P. Rob One


  1. Never heard of this. thanks a ton.

    U got the shifters´ girl power vol 1 ?

    dope blog

  2. rob one was a killer making mixtapes. i run into them everywhere. rip.