Sunday, December 20, 2009

Dj Pain-Dear Orchid(2001)


Alot of sites, blogs and message boards are following the fruits of Dj Pain nowadayz. What you probably dont have is THIS mix titled "Dear Orchid". This live mix from 2001 sets the precedent for Pain's uncanny ability to meld our favorite genre's of music into a storyboard and then complete it with a ready, polished and finished product. This is a piece of his catalog that is quite rare unless you are a friend of Pain or live in San Diego. "Dear Orchid" gives a glimpse into where he has been and where he is going. An ode to the lady of his life, Orchid One, his inspiration, support and strength. Including an exclusive Blame One intro verse on top of a Dj Artistic Heater, this mix starts off with a bang and carries a truck full of energy and emotions throughout. Pain Is a real down to earth DJ with extrodaniry talent, who works, sweats and bleeds for our music community. Enjoy!

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