Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ender-Drums And Flowers(2011)

Ender, born Chris Seeger, is a 26 year old producer and DJ from Washington, DC. He produces beats and dance edits, and has released several DJ mixes that display the depth of his record collection. He is a true lover of music, digging deep into a variety of genres to find the hardest grooves and funkiest breaks.

This mix is meant to be an audio companion to the visual beauty of springtime. There are a few well-known beats on there, which seems to go against the current trend of DJ mixtapes being super-obscure and only featuring songs that came out in the last 5 days. Good music is good music, and it's nice to be surprised by a tune or melody that you have heard before. There's nothing wrong with older tracks if they are mixed in an interesting and creative way. That being said, there is plenty of cutting edge music on here as well, so, enjoy! .

Drums and Flowers by moonbouncedj

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