Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Procussions-Up All Night(2004)

Witness the raw talent of The Procussions on an exclusive, limited edition recording of a 10pm - 6am secret studio session engineered by Jay Skillz of the Sound Providers. With live drums & live Rhodes keys layered by Stro the 89th Key, this bonus disk creates a jazz-rooted, open-mic, lounge atmosphere. The freestyle & free-form spoken word from Mr.. J Medeiros, Stro, & Resonant fills in the blanks to make this batch of grooves a solid composition.

1. Welcome
2. Insert Rhyme Here
3. Mr. Jay Warm Up
4. Coffee Break
5. Cereal Chronicles
6. Second Wind
7. Good Morning Colorado
8. Stay Awake Samba
9. B-Boy Alarm Clock
10. J Skills Never Sleeps
11. We Are Here
12. Divine Intervention (Remix Instrumental)
13. Freedom
14. Life Of Brian

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