Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dj Pnutz-Fuck Your Face(2010)

This is the newest project from Dj Pnutz(Sun Dialect/SDTI) out of San Diego. Consisting of original tracks and remixes from past to present. Its all mixed down for your listening pleasure in true Pnutz fashion and takes you through her wide variety of styles from downtempo to dancefloor drenchers. Definitly check out this gem.

01.Fuck your Face
02.Telephone Musicbox
04.Marcys Favorite Track
06.Can't Get Off This
07.Portis California
08.Osso Keyboard
09.Cash Register Music
10.Blowing Your Mind
11.Soul Swing
13.New York
14.Hyman Reborn
15.Time on my Hands
16.Sung Alot of Songs
17.Menacins Intro
18.Track 2
19.Babyface Remix
20.The Hyman
21.Buy em' Now
22.Uh Huh
23.L.A. is the Place
24.I'm Looking In
25.Funky James Edit
26Flexs' Theme
28.This Has to be Mastery featuring 1019
29.The Yardzombies
30.Kidney Stones

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