Sunday, March 21, 2010


There are very few emcees that are able to traverse those unforgiving outer realms of creative bounds without fear but among those courageous few stands the celebrated LA emcee, Gajah ( Ever since he emerged on the scene in the mid 90’s as a founding member of the seminal group Acid Reign, Gajah has astounded underground hip hop audiences with his barbarous aural assaults and choppy incantations from worlds unimagined. The
Missleaneous EP is his first release on Briefcase Rockers It’s a short collection of the new sounds hes using as a launchpad to tomorrow.

01 01:05 Launch Impact
02 03:32 Kerplunk
03 01:40 Blackhole
04 02:31 Baggage Ft. Shaunise
05 02:44 Pistoleros Ft. Myk Mansun
06 03:31 Breakfast Shoplift Ft. Myk Mansun
07 03:45 2 The Hard Way Ft. Express
08 03:44 The Fizz
09 04:18 Missleaneous

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