Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Blame One-Leaks & Gemz(2010)

1. Pressure (remix) prod by GERMZ
2. Danger prod by Supa Koopa 805
3. The Cypher feat. Sojourn + Jimmy Powers prod by Apple Beats
4. Glass House prod By Exile
5. Past Your Thoughts feat Johaz- Prod by Apple Beats
6. Dream Sequence Revenge feat. Fashawn and Exile prod by Godlee Barnes aka blu
7. 4 Levels of Hell Prod by kan Kick
8 Mr. Science prod by 8 attack
9. Problem With Authority prod by Short Term the Crate Worm
10. Move Forward feat. Trek Life and Sene prod by Mr. Ridley
11. Keep Tellin You Prod by DJ Babu
12. Dr. Jeck prod by Dert Merchant
13. Saturday Night Special (original) prod by Mr. Brady
14. Revenge- prod by Adikt 1

A few months ago the homie Blame One announced his retirement from hip-hop. But today we get word that Blame is back, and stronger than ever. Today I am honored to exclusively present to you, Leaks & Gemz, a mixtape featuring some new joints and unreleased goodness. On this tape you are going to come across appearances from cats like Blu, Fashawn, Exile, Supa Koopa 805, Trek Life, Sene, DJ Babu, Mr. Brady and many more. Along with the release of this mixtape, I would also like to bring to your attention that Blame is in the studio with DJ Babu, crafting a classic collaboration LP. As we wait for that, check out the countless bangers on this mixtape, and stay tuned for more news on this hip-hop veteran…

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